Time goes by way too fast! Your little one gets bigger really quick! Every parent loves adoring their child with the most fun, cutest, coolest and warmest winter outerwear. Little ones just look too cute when they are all dressed in the adorable fashions that designers put out for them. As your children are constantly growing (nonstop it seems) you can keep them in yours and their favorite winter outerwear for a bit longer!

Well known designers are creating high performance ski and snowboard outerwear styles that can be worn for sports, school and all outdoor winter activities. When it comes to jackets, pants , bib pants and some hard goods as well, you will find there’s room for grow spurts with great fit and comfort as your child steps it up in height and reach.

It is critical that young skiers and riders be comfortable and dry so they can practice their sport to the best of their ability. After they have worn winter outerwear and ski or snowboard boots – there is a certain comfort that kicks in that they get used to, as that assists them to be on top of their game. We and your children think they are looking great and all their goods are working for them, by extending what works best for a little longer is in everyone’s better interest.
Obermeyer I-Grow System
Designers such as: Obermeyer, 686 and Burton offer a revolutionary program to extend the life and use of youth apparel, simply by taking a scissors and snipping an inner thread on the inside of the outerwear jacket and pants. The Youth Evolution Technology from 686 gives pants 1 1/2 inches wider and 1 1/2 – 2 inches longer in the leg and you can gain up to 2 inches in sleeve length. The OUTGROWN Grow System from Columbia allows you to extend the life of your child's Columbia outerwear so that it lasts through multiple seasons, regardless of growth spurts. Obermeyer offers the “I Grow Extended Wear System” all of which the extensions are located on the pant legs and jacket sleeves in the interior of the garment.
686 Youth Evolution
Garments with the extended life system are great for younger kids who are constantly growing out of clothing from season to season. Check out skis.com for a complete collection of children’s outerwear as you will be provided with information and reviews in brand name children’s winter apparel.