Skiing works and uses a good amount of muscles all over the body including the core, foot, ankle, knee and many more. Making sure you are keeping these muscles in use and in shape during the offseason can be challenging but not if you know the activities that will best work these muscles. There are activities and exercise that will offer great results for building, working and keeping all your muscles ready for ski season. Here we are going to go over some of the most valuable and enjoyable offseason activities for skiers.

Inline Skating: Inline skating is hands down one of the greatest off season workouts for skiers, both downhill and cross country. Not only does inline skating work and exercise the important muscles used for skiing but it is great fun giving skaters nice scenery and a rush of adrenaline. Some of the important muscles worked while inline skating are the hip flexor, hamstrings, quadriceps and gastrocnemius. You can shop a great selection of inline skates from our friends at as well as learn all about skating and skates.

Running: Running and jogging helps tone and tighten many muscles including many of which will directly impact your skiing. Some of the major muscles used while running are the hamstring, gluteus maximus, quads and the calf muscles. Even if running only worked these muscles it would be a great training exercise for skiing but running does so much more including keeping the abdominals in tip top shape so you’re not hit with that terrible day after abdominal pain from your first day on the slopes.

Kayaking: This one just seems like too much fun for it to actually work as a good ski training exercise but trust us, it’s great. Kayaking helps work your core muscles including transverse abdominal muscles, your multifidus and your internal and external obliques. Building and maintaining these muscles will help you with your balance which is a very important skill for skiers. Building your core muscles will help you keep an upright posture while skiing which will lead to less falls and better technique. You can shop a great selection of kayaks from our friends at

Yoga: Stretching out the muscles used for skiing will help during the season if you do them before and after skiing but can also help keep your mobility and strength high offseason as well. There are many yoga poses that will help increase your range of motion for skiing and help build better balance to prevent injury and keep you on your skis. The nice thing about yoga is getting on a routine that will be beneficial to your specific needs. So if you want to focus on your lower body, upper body or a specific area within either you can find a yoga routine that will cater to your needs. If you are a beginner to yoga and need some additional assistance check out the great article on the Matador Network outlining some of the top yoga poses for skiers.

Swimming: Although swimming can be a fun leisure activity you can do this regularly to help build your endurance for skiing. Swimming will help you build your upper body endurance for skiing while keeping any impact on your joints to a minimum. If you’ve ever had any knee issues you probably already know how good swimming can be as a low impact workout. With swimming there are various types of different strokes you can do to work different parts of your body. Swimming is great for both Nordic skiing and downhill skiing and can be used as an offseason training or in-season training. Check out this helpful article from for more information regarding swimming as a training element for skiing.

These are just a handful of useful exercises one can do in the ski offseason to ensure they are keeping in shape. The best thing for skiers to do is find a workout routine that works for them and one they can consistently do. Maybe your perfect workout routine is a mixture of some of the above or something completely different not mentioned in this article. As long as you are getting a decent workout in on a regular basis you will be a huge step above those that don’t train in the skiing offseason.