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Because comfort has no limit and should be accessible to everyone, TSG and SIDAS constantly strive to improve the interface between your foot and your boots. Our 3D insoles are specifically designed to meet the needs of each type of foot based on arch height, movement and pressure. With Sidas, you can treat yourself and treat others today!

Sidas Winter 3D Insoles
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Sidas footbeds are a great improvement over the factory footbed found in ski boots. Sidas footbeds offer more support overall, better arch support and give you more control over your skis. There are many reasons to upgrade from the stock footbed to a Sidas footbed but comfort, and performance are definitely at the top of the list.

Therm-ic Boot Heaters

Therm-ic originated as an inventor of heating systems for ski boots. Building on the developments and patented technologies of the last 20 years, Therm-ic’s range of products now includes a variety of high-quality solutions in the field of portable heating systems, which are proven to provide warmth from head to toe. If you are a skier who gets cold toes easily, you owe it to yourself to try out a Therm-ic boot heater system in your ski boots.

Therm-ic Refresher
Therm-ic PowerPack System for Kids

If you’ve ever had to cut a ski day short because your kids feet were getting cold, you know how important it is for children to have warm and toasty feet. Therm-ic has the answer in their Therm-ic PowerPack system for kids. This system offers 3 heat levels so you can adjust the heat to your child’s needs, and the Therm-ic kids PowerPack is powered by 4 AAA batteries so you can simply replace or charge when necessary. Have your kids skiing all day with a smile on their face with the Therm-ic heated PowerPack system!

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