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POC is most well known for their protective equipment for skiing, especially ski racing including great helmets, goggles and body protection. You can also find great POC race suits which look great and function incredibly well. When it comes to skiing, POC has it figured out.

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POC has put a lot of research into their Orbic Comp helmet and in doing so reinvented the traditional ski helmet. The POC Skull Orbic Comp added an additional VPD layer to the front of the helmet to ensure proper protection for the continuous hitting of gates. After testing, the POC Skull Orbic Comp reduced the transmitted energy from hitting gates by as much as 50%.

POC Ski Racing Gear

Ski racers love POC racing equipment, including the protective, comfortable and stylish POC race helmets to the protective gear, and we can’t forget the race suits and goggles. POC ski racing gear is some of the most well known in the industry and for good reason, it is built right.

POC Helmets and Goggles
POC Ski Gear

POC ski helmets and goggles can be used interchangeably with other brands, but they work so well together we don’t know why you would want to. POC ski helmets and goggles are designed and engineered for optimal synchronization, together as one. The combination of a POC helmet and goggle leaves no gap between the helmet and goggles, and the goggle clip on the helmet will keep everything where it needs to be. Don’t mess around with gaper gap, find a great POC helmet and goggle combination from the great selection here at Skis.com today!

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