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Salomon QST 92 Skis 2018

$600.00 (17% off)
Salomon QST 92 Skis 2018, , 600
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$600.00 (17% off)
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Best Use: All Mountain skis are for on-trail; some off-trail ability

All Mountain skis are for on-trail; some off-trail ability

Width: Medium - ideal for all-mountain, off-trail versatility

Medium - ideal for all-mountain, off-trail versatility

Flex: Medium - the casual skier with athletic ability

Medium - the casual skier with athletic ability

Rocker Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker skis for versatile all-mountain

Rocker/Camber/Rocker skis for versatile all-mountain


The Salomon QST 92 is designed to take the intermediate to advanced skier to explore new terrain that they never have been before on the mountain. Salomon's Spaceframe Woodcore and CFX Superfiber Reinforcement create a very lightweight and lively ski capable of achieving fast speeds while making smooth and stable turns anywhere on the mountain. A Koroyd Tip Insert pulls heavier construction away from the tip, to increase maneuverability and reduce fatigue as you slip through the gates to your first double diamond. A Power Transfer Platform is made from Titanium, which sits directly underneath the binding platform that adds a little extra power in the crux of a turn, while keeping the rest of the QST 92 light and easy to ride. A Hook Free Taper in the tips and tails improve the soft snow skiing ability, by preventing them from getting hooked up in the fresh powder or moguls. All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 uses rocker in the tips and the tails that makes the QST 92 easy to ski, for a wide range of skiers, in a wide range of conditions.

  • CFX Superfiber
  • Power Transfer Platform
  • Koroyd Tip
  • All-Terrain Rocker 2.0
  • Hook Free Taper
  • Spaceframe Wood Core
  • 1680g/Per Ski (@177cm)
  • Recommended Bindings: Salomon Warden 13, Salomon STH2 WTR 13, Marker Griffon, Tyrolia Attack 13, Look SPX 12
  • Recommended Brake Size: 95-110mm

Skill Range: Intermediate-Advanced


Ski Gear Intended Use  All Mountain Tip/Waist/Tail Widths  130/92/113 (@177cm) Tail Profile  Flared
Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length  17m (@177cm) Construction Type  Sidewall Core Material  Wood
Metal Layer  None Warranty  One Year Skill Range  Intermediate-Advanced
Model Year  2018 Model Number  L39863000161 Product ID  446418
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out of 5

Hi I'm Brooks, I just rode the Salomon QST 92. Great ski, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Really built for the intermediate through advanced-intermediate skier. Super easy to turn, initiates a turn really well, go anywhere on the mountain. Grea...Read More
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out of 5

Hi I'm Adam and I was just skiing on the new Salomon QST 92. This is a 5 star ski for me. It really makes great ski for that intermediate on up to expert level skier. Really if you want to get into a ski that can handle most conditions, thi...Read More
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out of 5

Hi I'm Thom and I just got off the Salomon QST 92. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. At this waist width it's just a fantastic all-around ski. Definitely aimed to your high-level intermediate through your advanced-level skier who wants ...Read More
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Questions & Answers
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Q: Hello, I'm very interested in the Salomon Q92s. I would say I am an intermediate skier but want something that I could use for a while as I progress. I am 5'9" and weigh around 140 lbs. What size would you recommend for me? Thanks!
Asked : Oct 09, 2017
By : Kyle, Chicago, IL
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A: The QST 92 would be a great option for you. Not too demanding to allow you to progress, but strong enough to give you support once you improve your skills. Based on your weight and ability, I would recommend the 169cm for you.
Answered : Oct 09, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: QST 92 length question. I rode QST 85's @ 174 last year and totally loved them. I demo'd QST 92 @177 once last year and liked but not loved them. They rode like a Cadillac's compared to the Porsche-like 85's. I like to make a lot of turns on groomers and don't like to ski fast. But inevitably do wind up in crud and some powder and the 85's might leave a little to be desired there. I weight 165-170, advanced intermediate skier, 6'. I am wondering if maybe the 92's in the 169 length might hit a sweet spot between the more maneuverable 85's and the more stable 92's. Thanks.
Asked : Sep 26, 2017
By : Quimby, Mt Hood, OR
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A: Based on your weight and ability I would recommend the 169cm QST 92.
Answered : Sep 27, 2017
By : Adam, United States
Q: Hi, I am a intermediate to advanced intermediate skier, mostly ski in the west. I am 6'2" 255 Lbs. I typically ski groomed and ungroomed powder. I am torn between the QST 92 (rented them last season and they were such a nice ski) and the QST 99 (have not been able to try).just wondering what you would recommend based on my weight and height. Thank you
Asked : Aug 24, 2017
By : Ryguy, Calgary, Alberta
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A: If you divide your time evenly between on and off piste I would suggest the QST 99 for you. The extra waist width will give a skier your size much better flotation when you are skiing ungroomed terrain without any sacrifice to groomer performance.
Answered : Aug 25, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: I'm 5'5'' and 135. I would say I'm between intermediate and intermediate/advanced. I mainly skis in Northwest. I'm currently on a 151cm camber, 78 waist skis. I'm mostly on groomer, but getting more and more adventurous on moguls and off-piste. That's way I'm looking for a longer and wider skis and QST 92 seems to be a good one. I'm having trouble deciding on 161cm and 169cm. Mainly because of the camber part. I think it is better to have it a bit longer. But I'm not confident on 169cm either as it may be too long. I wonder what's the percentage of the rocker profile does the QST 92 has? And in your opinion which one is the better size for me?
Asked : May 15, 2017
By : Cloud, Washington
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A: Based on your weight, ability and where you want to start skiing more, I would recommend the 161cm for you to have optimal control and flotation. You will notice a lot more stability and control without the ski feeling cumbersome.
Answered : May 15, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: Hi, I am just getting back into the sport after years on a snowboard. Skied a pair of borrowed old mid-2000s skis in a 168, but I believe they were pretty much completely cambered with maybe a touch of early rise in the tip, in any case they seemed the right length. I am 5'9" and 170 lbs, intermediate-advanced and like to ski 50% on groomers and 50% moguls, trees, and off piste in the northeast. Is this the right ski and is the 177 the right size with the rocker profile?
Asked : Apr 19, 2017
By : Guy, New York
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A: You are correct in thinking that you need to get a little longer of a ski due to the rocker. Based on your weight, ability and terrain choices the QST 92 in 177cm will be a great choice.
Answered : Apr 20, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: Am currently skiing Salomon XT 800 @175. I demo'd a pair of 99's after a snow storm and loved them. However I don't think that we see enough powder here on the east coast consistently to get the best out of them. I did not get to demo a pair of 92's. How would they compare to the Enduro's for carving/edge grip? I know they will be better in deep snow. Thanks
Asked : Mar 21, 2017
By : scoops, Halifax, nova scotia
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A: The Enduro is much more of a carving ski designed to on the groomers with shorter, quicker turns, so you will have a strong and sturdy edge hold. The QST 92 is a much more versatile ride. The wider footprint will provide additional flotation and stability on those fresh snow days, cruddy days and bumps. With that versatility you sacrifice some edge hold on the really firm days. With that being said the QST 92 still holds up pretty well in firm conditions.
Answered : Mar 21, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: I'm 5'9 136 lbs, advanced intermediate to advanced skier. What length would you recommend for mostly on piste skiing? cheers!
Asked : Mar 18, 2017
By : Ari, Sydney, Australia
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A: At your height and weight you are caught in between sizes for this ski. If you prefer short controlled turns down the fall line the 161cm length you be best. If your preference is medium to long radius turns the 169cm length would be ideal.
Answered : Mar 19, 2017
By : Thomas
Q: I'm a 45-year-old, 5'9", 200-pound guy. I consider myself a lower-end advanced skier. I only ski the East (Killington mostly). Moguls, groomers, and hard pack is often what we get here. And in the late spring a lot of mashed-potatoes and soft bumps. But of course I love the pow when we get it. I rented the 174-length QST 99s on a crazy powder day at Killington and they were great. However, we don't get enough powder to justify a powder ski that wide. Therefore, I want to get the QST 92s. I don't know what size to get. My present skis are 168-length Rosingal Experience 83s. The QST 99s that I demoed were 174 length and were fine (but not nimble in making short turns needed in the moguls as my Rosingal). What size should i get?
Asked : Mar 16, 2017
By : PowderPete, Killington, VT
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A: Typically at your height and weight the shortest we would typically recommend for you is the 177cm length in the QST 92. However, given that you are much more familiar with a shorter ski, and if you are concerns with maneuverability rather than stability at speed, the 169cm would be okay.
Answered : Mar 17, 2017
By : Thomas
Q: I am 5'10 and 245. I would say I'm intermediate to advanced intermediate. I am starting to explore more trees and powder. Would the 92 still be a good ski? What length would be best? Thank you
Asked : Mar 12, 2017
By : Tman, Colorado
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A: Based on your weight, ability and the types of terrain that you are looking to explore, I would suggest the QST 99 in a 181cm for you. The extra waist width and stiffness will provide you with more control in those types of terrain and conditions.
Answered : Mar 13, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
Q: I'm 6'0" 165 lbs. At one time was a pretty good skier but now 62 years old and a few knee surgeries, I have slowed down, probably advanced intermediate. I like to make a lot of fall line turns keeping my speed down. Mostly on groomers now though of course do like some powder too. This year I have been on season-leased Q85's 174s, and really, really love them. I want to purchase for next year, and am thinking maybe a little wider would be better. Any advice on these 92's vs the Q85 and should I go up to a 177 if I get the QST92? Thanks.
Asked : Mar 01, 2017
By : Johnny, Bend OR
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A: The QST 92 would be a perfect option for you. You will find it a bit stronger and more responsive than the Q-85, but not any more work to ski. The QST has a slightly moved up mounting position and a different rocker profile that makes it ride a touch shorter. If you have been on a 174cm Q-85, I would recommend the 177cm in the QST 92.
Answered : Mar 02, 2017
By : Adam, Midwest
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