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We know that when you’re heading out for a day on (or off) the slopes, warmth is an important factor - that is why carries a wide array of mens ski hats, womens ski hats, kids ski hats and winter headwear to suit all of your needs. One of the most popular styles is a beanie hat. Beanies are form fitting hats that sit close to your head, and are the perfect option to wear under a ski helmet. There are many other styles of hats also, such as hats with ear flaps, small brims and pom-poms. Some ski hats are even lined with fleece or fur for additional warmth in cool weather.


Check out the different styles of hats below, to help narrow down which is best for you.




Beanie: The most popular style of hats are beanies or “traditional” hats that feature standard sizing and are designed with a snug fit that will not slide off or fall down easily. Ski beanie hats are a good option to wear under a helmet.


Slouch: More stylish than the standard beanie, slouch ski hats feature a larger fit that allows for some excess material at the top of the hat. Slouch hats can also be folded over for a more traditional look while adding additional warmth over your ears.


Skullcap: Designed specifically for under helmet wear skull caps are constructed for a tight fit, ensuring no bunch or bulk that may cause discomfort.


Brimmed: Not the best for under helmet wear brimmed hats typically fit similar to a beanie, but slightly more snug. These hats will sometimes pull at the brim, making the entire hat feel tighter on your head.


Earflap: The warmest of the bunch, earflap hats typically are constructed out of wool or acrylic and are made with a polar fleece lining for next to skin comfort and additional insulation. They feature a flap that covers each ear and often have a pom-pom on top.


Pom-Pom: Also known as ski bobble hats these caps feature a knit or yarn “bobble” or pom-pom on the top and are often lined with fleece for warmth and next to skin softness.


Ski hats also come in many different materials, this allows you to pick and choose based on your needs. Let’s talk a little bit more about the most popular materials below.




Polar Fleece: Designed to provide lightweight warmth, polar fleece features some of the great qualities of wool at a fraction of the weight. It also comes in different weights ranging from micro (the thinnest) to 300wt. (the thickest) however this is more popular in fleece garments than, ski hats. Polar fleece’s hydrophobic properties allow it to hold less than 1% of its weight in water and is able to retain its insulating properties, even when wet. A great alternative to wool, it can me bade out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles making it great for those who are allergic or sensitive to natural fibers. Despite its fuzzy outer face, fleece isn’t flammable but will melt instead when exposed to flame.


Wool: Wool is a natural fiber derived from sheep and different animals. Wools unique texture (scaling and crimp) makes it easy to spin due to its ability for fibers to attach to each other – and stay together. Because of this “crimp” wool tends to be bulkier than other materials this allows them to hold air causing the wool to retain heat. Wool fibers have a tendency to absorb moisture, but their hollow construction allows them to absorb almost 1/3rd of its own weight in water. Keep in mind that wool is allergenic, so it may not work for everyone.


Merino Wool: Merinos are known for having the finest and softest wool of any sheep, and most modern Merino wool comes from New Zealand or Australia. Merino wool is naturally moisture wicking and quick drying so that you stay dry and regulated during extended wear.


Acrylic: Lightweight, soft and warm, Acrylic fabrics feature a wool-like feel and can be constructed to copy other materials such as cotton. Durable in comparison to synthetics and natural fibers, acrylic tends to have a longer lifespan.


Now that we’ve gone over the different styles of ski hats and materials that they can be made of, let’s check out a few alternative options that are great for both on and off the mountain activities. Balaclava: Also known as a ski mask or balaclava helmet, balaclavas are designed to only partially expose the face depending on how you choose to wear it (only the eyes, mouth and nose, or the front of the face unprotected). The balaclava is made to protect your face from wind and maintain warmth, they are also popular for biking or riding a motorcycle.


Headband: Another option for headgear is a headband. They are typically constructed from the same materials that are used to make ski hats but are used only to keep your ears covered. Headbands aren’t as warm as wearing a hat, however if you’re planning on sliding it under your ski helmet it will provide additional warmth and protection. They are also a great option for warmer, blue-bird powder days – and ladies, they are great if you don’t want your hair to get crushed making your après ski look much more attainable.


Remember if you decide you want your ski hat to fit under your helmet you’re better off purchasing something that is snug to your head like a skullcap or ski beanie hat. When you’re wearing a ski hat under your helmet you don’t want it to slide around, or bunch up – this can cause discomfort. You’re best to go with something that is not going to interfere with your helmet or make you re-size it.


If you’re not planning on pairing your hat with your helmet, you can really wear whatever you fancy, however a properly sized ski hat should fit snug and not slide around your head.


Now that you know all about ski hats, you also know what type and material is best for you has made it simple to narrow down your search by using the refinements on the left side of the page. These allow you to search for mens, womens and kids ski hats by brand, price, color, style, material and more. So if you desire a certain color or price point, you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for on one page.

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