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Shopping Tips for Men’s Ski Gloves and Mittens


Welcome to, where you will find gloves and mittens for any occasion. We stock many styles, brands and types of men’s ski gloves and mittens because we know how important it is to have warm hands while out on the slopes. But we stock much more than just men’s skiing gloves; we stock men’s glove liners and regular men’s everyday gloves for things like driving and casual wear.


While on this page, you will see refinement boxes on the left-hand side. It’s here that you can narrow down your search by glove type, use, price, color, brand and many more criteria. Choosing one refinement will refresh the page showing only gloves that fit with the refinement you’ve chosen. Here we will cover some of the easiest to use and most important refinements while shopping for the best men’s ski gloves and mittens.


Shopping by Price, Color and Brand


Shopping Gloves by Price - In the refinement titled “Price”, you will see several price ranges to choose from. Here you can select one of the price ranges available and be shown only gloves and mittens that fit into that price range. This is great when shopping on a budget or looking for a gift in a certain price range. If you’re trying to save a little extra, visit our men’s ski glove sale page for some awesome deals.


Shopping Gloves by Color - Do you need a certain color of gloves or are you searching out a gift for someone? It’s super easy and fun to shop ski gloves by color; simply choose one of the many color boxes underneath the “Color” refinement. This is a quick and easy way to narrow your search to just men’s gloves that are predominately the color of your choosing.


Brand - If you are looking for gloves made by a specific brand, you can select that brand using this refinement and the page will refresh with only gloves by that brand. For example, if you select ‘Hestra’ from the Brand refinement list, you will only be shown Hestra men’s ski gloves.


Shopping by Use and Type


Shopping Gloves by Type - Here is where you will choose to shop either ski gloves, ski mittens, 3-finger glove or glove liner. Making a selection here will refresh the page and only show you the type that you selected.


Shopping Gloves by Use - There are two main gloves listed in the use refinement: Ski/snowboard and liner.


Glove liners can go a long way to having warm hands while on the slopes. Liners are worn beneath your actual ski or snowboard gloves or mittens and offer a layer of protection and warmth. Considering the price, men’s ski glove liners are definitely worth the investment.


Men’s ski /snowboard gloves are what you’ll need for those long days on the mountain. These are going to offer protection and warmth for all day skiing. Made thick, durable and long-lasting, ski gloves offer a padded fit with insulation for the best in comfort and performance.


Shopping by Insulation


Finding the perfect amount of insulation in your gloves is vital to your comfort while skiing. Some skiers need gloves with high levels of insulation to combat extreme temperatures, while other times you may only need lightly-insulated gloves. There are also different types of insulation, each of which has their own best uses.


You can sort the page based of type insulation by using the refinements on the left side. You can choose from synthetic, down, heated or if you don’t want any at all, “none”. Each of these types of glove insulations have their own advantages, it just depends on what you are looking to use them for.


Synthetic – Synthetic insulation is the most common. It often has a brand name such as Thinsulate, Primaloft, etc. Regardless of the brand, a synthetic layer provides you with warmth even if the gloves are wet or damp. Gloves with synthetic insulation hold up very well, protects you from the elements and keeps you warm.


Down – Down is a natural insulation material that has very strong warmth-to-weight ratio. The disadvantage to down gloves is that it may not be very weatherproof. Down loses its insulating properties when it gets wet, making down gloves an especially viable option in dry climates. It is very important that down gloves are waterproof because of this.


Heated – Heated ski gloves have a battery-powered heating element that is used to keep your hands feeling toasty all day. Many heated gloves have a number of settings that you can use to adjust the heat of the gloves, so you can tune it to the perfect level to avoid overheating. These gloves are typically more expensive, but for skiers who always struggle with cold hands, they are the warmest ski gloves out there and will be a worthwhile investment.


Shopping by Waterproof and Breathability


Weather conditions often fluctuate rapidly during a day on the mountain, so it’s important your gloves can handle a variety of weather conditions. The two most important features when it comes to fighting extreme weather conditions is a glove’s waterproof and breathability ratings.


Waterproofing – The waterproof rating of gloves tells how much water they can withstand before it permeates the exterior. Essentially, the higher the waterproof rating of waterproof ski gloves, the better it will be able to keep you dry in wetter conditions.


Breathability - Breathability in gloves is also important because it allows any sweat or moisture that condenses inside your glove or mitten to escape keeping your hands warm, dry, and comfortable. The breathability of a glove allows for much-needed airflow. Similar to the waterproof rating, a higher breathability rating will allow more sweat and moisture to pass through, keeping you dryer.


Shopping by Extra Features


Ski gloves these days often have a whole lot of bells and whistles. If there are certain features that you consider a must-have, then check the left-hand side of the page and chances are we'll have a refinement for it. You can find gloves with either an over-the-cuff or under-the-cuff design, an internal wrist guard, touch-screen capable fingers, a removable liner or more; it all just depends on what you prefer.


Now that you know how to easily shop gloves by using the easy left-hand refinements, you can narrow down your choices of gloves by color, price and any other of the many helpful refinements we have. The only thing left to do is to get shopping!


If you would like to learn more about the different features on ski gloves, visit our Ski Gloves Buying Guide, and to find the perfect fit for you, check out our Ski Gloves Sizing Guide.

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