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Investing in quality mens ski clothing and skiing apparel will ensure that you stay warm and dry out on the slopes and keep you skiing from first tracks to last chair. Outerwear is very important when it comes to mens ski clothing. Your jacket and pants are the first line of defense against the elements. Mens skiing clothes made from high quality fabrics provide you with better waterproofing and breathability ratings than winter coats and snow pants you might find at a department store.


Understanding Waterproof and Breathability Ratings


Waterproofing ratings are measured in millimeters of water that seep through the fabric over a time period, the higher the number the more waterproof the fabric of the skiing apparel is. Most quality mens ski clothes has a waterproof rating over 5,000mm with the most waterproof ski clothing being rated at 20,000mm or more. For casual resort skiers we suggest making sure that your pants are actually as or more waterproof than your jacket. On the front side of the mountain you typically won’t end up getting wet other than from sitting on a snowy chair lift. Breathability ratings are also very important. Water vapor molecules need to be able to get out if you begin to perspire or if you wipe out and get snow in your mens ski clothing. Much like with waterproofing the higher the count the more breathable a fabric is. High breathability ratings are very important for skiers who tend to get over heated on the slopes.


Why Long Underwear is so Important


In addition to a good quality ski jacket and pants you want to invest in quality long underwear and layering pieces when shopping for mens skiing apparel. Layering pieces such as fleeces, sweaters, and vests are good to have as they can provided added insulation on colder days. We recommend getting a gear bag and taking a few extra pieces of ski clothing with you to the hill incase conditions change.


Long underwear can really make a difference when it comes to mens skiing clothing. Long underwear is designed to fit close to the body and help wick moisture away from your skin if you being to perspire. Long underwear comes in a variety of thicknesses or weights for different temperature ranges. Many men find that they don’t need the thickest long underwear available for general skiing conditions, by the time they get all of their other mens ski clothing on they are usually warm enough.


The Importance of Good Socks and Gloves


When it comes to mens ski clothing and skiing apparel it’s important not to forget about socks and gloves. Since your extremities tend to get colder than your core quality socks and gloves are important to keep you warm for those long days on the slopes. Quality and warm doesn’t mean big and bulky when it comes to mens ski clothing. Many of the manufacturers of ski clothing are coming up with new ways to make better insulation that isn’t bulky or restrict movement.


Hopefully this and the rest of the buying and sizing guides in our Ski-O-Pedia will help you pick out the right mens ski clothing for you. If you need a hand please use our Live Chat or contact customer service to speak with one of our experts.



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