Men’s Ski Accessories


Men’s Ski Bandanas


The last couple years have seen the emergence in popularity of men’s ski bandanas. These ski bandanas have become a cool way to keep your neck and face warm while skiing. With a fleece inner these are not your typical everyday bandana and will offer great comfort and warmth even in the coldest conditions. Ski bandanas are typically cut a bit larger than standard offering enough area to easily wrap around the face and cover the neck as well. Depending on your personal preference there are skiing bandanas with built in face masks and those without so if you want a more conformed to the face fit or a standard looser fit choose accordingly. Most ski bandanas don’t tie in the back but will rather have a Velcro closure.


Men’s Balaclavas


Men’s balaclavas are still a very popular way to keep your face, neck and head warm in cold conditions. These men’s balaclavas work great for those wearing helmets as the Balaclava is typically thin enough in the head region to fit comfortably underneath a helmet. For even greater comfort men’s balaclavas will offer a fleece inner so there will be no scratching or irritation from the balaclava rubbing against the face.


Men’s Neck Warmers


The good old stand by is the men’s neck warmer and it still serves the same great purpose now as it has for so many years. There has been some improvements to men’s neck warmers over the years with different cuts and some with thinner more windproof material to cut the bulk. You can also find men’s neck warmers in many different colors now so you can accommodate whatever your look is at the time.


Keep it All Clean


Once you have all your ski wear your going to want to wash these things every once in awhile. Do so with the great range of Nikwax products from base washes to specific wool, down and tech washes. Washing your ski wear with standard detergent and cleaners can damage your skiing clothes so wash with Nikwax and be sure to keep all your stuff in great condition. Nikwax cleaners are water based environmentally friendly cleaners meaning they are biodegradable, non flammable and non hazardous.


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