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Men’s Footwear Sizing by Brand


UGG Australia Footwear Sizing


UGG men’s footwear tends to run slightly larger than standard shoe size. Depending on how you desire the fit of your men’s footwear you will want to go down a ½ to 1 full size. While shopping UGG men’s footwear you will se they don’t come in ½ sizes so you can only get full sizes in UGG. If you wear a ½ size it’s going to be best to size down to the nearest full size so if you wear a size 10.5 go with a size 10. If you wear a full size in men’s footwear you can either go true to size and will have a bit of extra room once broke in or you can go a full size down for a more snug fit. The fit in UGG men’s footwear is going to be personal preference but also keep in mind what type of socks you will be wearing and take into account the footwear breaking in after wearing them.


Sorel Footwear Sizing


Sorel men’s footwear similar to UGG is going to run a bit larger than standard shoe size. Depending on your personal preference and the type and thickness of socks you will be wearing you could go down a size, a ½ size or take the footwear in your standard size. Sorel men’s footwear is a bit different than tennis shoes though so really keep in mind how you want them to fit and remember there will be a bit of break in time.


The North Face Footwear Sizing


The North Face makes great men’s footwear and sizing for them is pretty simple. For best sizing you will want to go with the same size as your standard shoe size. You will want to accommodate for bulkier socks with these men’s footwear and if you have a personal preference of a tighter or looser fit. The North Face men’s footwear is also going to break in after wearing them for a few times, so remember how they fit out of the box will not be the exact fit once broken in.


General Sizing Pointers for Men’s Footwear


When you first put on your new pair of men’s footwear you will want to kick back so the heel of your foot is all the way back in the heel pocket of the footwear. This will ensure a good fit when you tighten your new footwear.


Lace your men’s footwear by tightening from the bottom up. Simply pulling tight the laces from the top can create a pressure point and will not give you a snug fit throughout the footwear.


Before wearing your new men’s footwear outside try them on inside and wear them for a short time. This way you get an idea of how your new men’s footwear fits and if you have to return them it will be an easier process as they will still be in new condition.


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