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Men’s Long Underwear Shopping Tips


It’s super easy to shop for long underwear, right? Wrong! You don’t just grab the first pair of long underwear you see in your size. For skiing the base layer or long underwear is going to be the first line of defense against getting cold so this makes it very important. We stock a great selection of men’s specific long underwear from the very basic to the very technical. Here we will cover some of the refinements* you will use while shopping long underwear.


*Refinements are the boxes on the left of the page where you can narrow down your search for long underwear by things like brand, type, size, weight and more. You can search by one or more refinements; just wait for the page to refresh from your first selection and you can make a second selection in the refinements.


Long Underwear by Brand


Shopping long underwear by brand is one of the best ways to narrow down your search. Here you can select to be shown just one or more brands so if you only want to shop Under Armour long underwear you can easily do so.


Long Underwear by Type


There are a few types of long underwear at that you will see while shopping. The types you will find in this refinement are tops, bottoms and full one piece suits. With this refinement it’s easy to simply shop only one of these styles of men’s long underwear so if you are only looking for a top, bottom or that elusive one piece long underwear suit.


Long Underwear by Size


This refinement is one of the best to use when shopping long underwear. If you wear a large you don’t want to be shown long underwear that is not available in your size. Clicking a certain size in this refinement will refresh the page and only show you long underwear in the size you have chosen.


Long Underwear by Weight


There are different weights in long underwear which basically translates to the fabrics thickness. The weights are typically, light, mid and heavyweight going from thinnest to thickest respectively. Based on your preference and the climate you are in you may only want to be shown long underwear in a certain weight so this refinement makes it super easy to be only shown the long underwear that is offered in the thickness that you desire.


As you can see there are several refinements that are beneficial when shopping men’s long underwear. Some of the other great refinements that you will see are color, material, price and fit. All these refinements are designed to give you the greatest and easiest shopping experience when shopping long underwear.


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