Kids Tops for Skiing

We stock several styles and types of kids tops for skiing including sweaters, midlayers, hoodies and t-shirts. With so many choices it may be hard to shop kids tops but we have added a left hand refinement system that when used can narrow down your selection to exactly what you’re looking for. Here we will cover just how to best use this refinement system to choose the best kids kids tops for skiing.


Shopping Kids Ski Tops by Gender


In the “Gender” refinement you will see selection for boys, girls or toddler. Selecting any one of these will show you only kids tops within those requirements. So if you are looking for kids top for a 6 year old boy you would simply click “boys” and the page will refresh showing only kids tops for skiing in boys sizes.


Shopping by Brand


Have a certain top you are looking for and only know the brand. No worries, selecting the brand in the “By Brand” refinement will refresh the page showing you only kids tops for skiing by that brand. You can select one or more brands, simply wait for the page to refresh after each selection and choose another.


Shopping by Color


Sometimes you simply need to find a certain color and nothing else will do especially when a kids gets their heart set on something. In the “By Color” refinement you will see several colored boxes which you can easily choose and only be shown kids tops in predominately that color.


Shopping by Size


This one is a no brainer, why not only shop kids tops that are available in the size you need. By selecting a certain size in the “Size” refinement you will only be shown ski tops that are currently available in the size you have selected.


Shopping by Style


There are several different styles of kids tops for skiing and we stock all of them. We also make it real easy for you to shop them by style. In the “By Style” refinement click on any of the types listed below and be shown only those styles of kids tops.


Sweaters- No hood but sweaters offer exceptional warmth. Sweaters are a skier’s best friend offering warmth, style and performance. You can easily shop all kids skiing sweaters by selecting sweaters in the kids top types refinement.


Midlayers- Great as a second layer above your long underwear; kids midlayers offer a tighter fit and will fit without obstruction below ski gear. This is a completely necessary kids top for skiing.


Hoodies- Every kids favorite is the hooded sweatshirt; offering comfort and warmth after a long day on the slopes or worn under a jacket on really cold days. Kids hoodies are a staple accessory to all kid skiers.



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