Kids Ski Sock Shopping Tips

The kids ski socks offered here on are definitely not your average daily socks. While skiing kids will put their feet through more than normal everyday stress so it’s necessary to provide them with quality socks that will offer warmth and protection. Kids socks for skiing offer specially formulated materials and fibers to offer warmth, ventilation and protection while wearing ski boots.


Different Kids Ski Sock Weights


Kids ski socks come in a few different weights offering various amounts of cushion. Choosing a weight in a kids ski sock varies based on the climate and how the child regulates their body heat in their feet.


Lightweight- These will offer the lightest cushion and will be lightweight with minimal extra unnecessary material. These kids ski socks are great for skiers in a warmer climate or those that get hot feet easily.


Midweight- These will be the middle of the road with a medium cushion. Great socks for those in a varying climate that need to adapt to a change in temperature.


Heavyweight- These are going to be the thickest and most padded socks. Heavyweight socks offer thicker padding great for beginner skiers and will offer the most warmth which will cater to those in the coldest climates.


What Else do Kids Ski Socks Offer That Regular Socks Don’t?


• Over the calf height for warmth and protection. Ski socks will fit over the calf offering enough coverage for the area where the ski boot could rub against bare skin.


• Moisture wicking properties. Ski socks offer moisture wicking properties built into the fibers and fabrics to keep feet dry which keeps feet warm.


• Flatter knitted toe box for less bunching. Due to a different fit with ski boots regular socks would bunch and cause discomfort while wearing boots but kids ski socks offer a flatter knit which will not bunch while skiing.


• No cotton! Kids skiing socks will not be made of cotton fabric. Cotton does not do well when encountered with moisture which make it a bad choice for skiing. Kids skiing socks are all made with synthetic material and wool.


Now you know the differences between a regular everyday sock and a kids ski sock you will shop here at And you have learned the different weights available in kids ski socks and how to choose the correct weight when choosing a sock.



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