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When it comes to keeping your child warm on the slopes, you shouldn’t have to settle. Investing in quality kids ski gloves or mittens are key, so makes sure to stock gloves and mittens from the best brands on the market including Gordini, Grandoe, Hestra, Kombi, Obermeyer, Spyder, The North Face and more.


When outfitting your child for skiing, the most important parts to consider are the extremities. Most kids prefer to wear gloves because most teenagers and adults wear gloves, but it all depends on preference. Gloves provide better mobility and dexterity, but mittens are generally warmer. Mittens are warmer since the fingers are all in the same compartment and can keep each other warm. If you know you want one or the other, you can shop through our selection via the refinements on the left-hand side of this page. Let’s take a look at some other ways you can use these refinements to find the best kid’s ski gloves or mittens for your children.


Shopping by Gender has a full selection of kid’s ski gloves and mittens for boys, girls, and toddlers. The refinements in the left-hand navigation allow you to filter the inventory by gender to show you just what you are looking for. For the most part, the boys and girls ski glove are designed to fit kids who wear between a size 7 and 20 in ski clothing. Toddler sizes are for kids who wear between size 2T and 6X clothes.


Shopping by Brand, Price or Color


Brand - If you are looking for gloves made by a specific brand, you can select that brand using this refinement and the page will refresh with only gloves by that brand. For example, if you select “Hestra” from the Brand refinement list, you will only be shown Hestra kid’s ski gloves.


Price - If you’re shopping for a gift or have a strict budget to spend on gloves, go ahead and use the “By Price” refinement; here you can select from a range of prices and only be shown gloves in that price range. Visit our kid’s ski glove sale page for discounted gloves and mittens.


Color - It is also super easy to shop all the gloves we stock by the color predominantly featured throughout. So, if you choose purple, you will see all the gloves on that are purple on the majority of the glove.


Shopping by Use


Under the refinement for “Use” you will see a couple of options for different types of kid’s ski gloves:


Casual Gloves - These are going to be perfect everyday gloves for your little one. The top brands make kids skiing gloves and mittens in leather and a variety of synthetic fabrics.


Ski and Snowboard Gloves - These are the real deal. Here you will find the gloves and mittens that are fit to be worn for a day out on the slopes, protecting from the toughest of mountain conditions.


Shopping by Insulation


Finding the proper insulation in your gloves is vital to your comfort while skiing. Some skiers need gloves that with more insulation because they either get cold very quickly or tend to ski in colder conditions. In these instances, thicker insulation will generally create the warmest kid’s ski gloves. There are also different types of insulation though, each of which has their own pros and cons.


You can find particular types of insulation by using the refinements on the left side. You can choose from synthetic, down or if you don’t want any at all, “none”. Each of these types of glove insulations have their own advantages, it just depends on what you are looking to use them for.


Synthetic – Synthetic insulation is the most common. It often has a brand name such as Thinsulate, Primaloft, etc. Regardless of the brand, a synthetic layer provides you with warmth even if the gloves are wet or damp. Gloves with synthetic insulation hold up very well, protects you from the elements and keeps you warm.


Down – Down is a natural insulation material that has very strong warmth-to-weight ratio. The disadvantage to down gloves is that it may not be very weatherproof. Down loses its insulating properties when it gets wet, making down gloves an especially viable option in dry climates. It is very important that down ski gloves are waterproof because of this.


Shopping by Waterproof and Breathability


Weather conditions can often change at a moment’s notice while on the mountain, so it’s important your gloves are ready for anything that will be thrown at you. Two of the best features for maintaining comfortability during extreme weather conditions are waterproofing and breathability.


Waterproofing – Waterproof kid’s ski gloves are highly important since kids tend to spend more time playing in the snow where their gloves could get wet. Wet gloves are a recipe for being cold on the slopes.


Breathability - Breathable fabrics allow moisture vapor to escape if the inside of the gloves get wet or sweaty. If moisture vapor cannot escape, the gloves can get wet from the inside out, resulting in chilly hands and fingers.


Shopping by Cuff Style


There are two cuff styles to choose from. Over the cuff, or gauntlet, kids ski gloves are designed to go over the top of the cuffs of the ski jacket. The over the cuff gloves generally have longer cuffs and cinch draw strings on them to keep the snow from getting in the top. Under the cuff style gloves are designed to go under the cuff of a ski jacket. The under the cuff style gloves are shorter in the cuff and are generally a bit lower profile so they can tuck inside the cuffs of the coat.


Now that you know how to easily shop kid’s ski gloves by using the easy left-hand refinements. You know you can narrow down your choices of gloves by color, price and more. Now, the only thing left to do is to get shopping!


If you would like to learn more about the different glove features, visit our Ski Gloves Buying Guide, and to find the perfect fit for your child, check out our Ski Gloves Sizing Guide.


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