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To keep kids warm and protected from the elements on the slopes they need a neck warmer or balaclava. The variety of neck gaiters and balaclavas on give both kids and parents plenty of options for accessorizing ski wear.


Neck gaiters are generally made from fleece sewn into a tube shape. They function much like a scarf, only safer. Since neck gaiters are tube shaped they don’t have loose ends to get caught up in the equipment, tow rope of chair lift. Neck gaiters are great for kids since they can’t come untied or tangled in their gear.


Balaclavas have a similar purpose to neck gaiters but they also have head coverings. Balaclavas are ideal for cold days as they not only keep the neck but cheeks and ears warm too. Like neck gaiters many of the styles are made from fleece. Some styles of balaclavas are made entirely of fleece, including the part that covers the head. Other models use a combination of fleece and either stretch materials or neoprene. Various materials provide more warmth or better wind protection than others; hence the different options for kids accessories.


The kids neck warmers or balaclavas are designed just like the adult versions but are smaller for children’s smaller heads and necks. Like the adult models there are varying thickness of materials to give customers choices of light, medium, or heavy weight protection.



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