Kids Pants carries a wide selection of kids pants. Of the many styles that are stocked each season the different models are specifically for skiing, snowboarding, and casual wear. Ski and snowboard pants are nearly identical in terms of quality, construction, and features so more kids are wearing ski pants to snowboard in and vice versa. The main difference between kids ski pants and kids snowboard pants are the styles. Snowboard pants tend to be available in more bright colors and bold patterns. They tend to be a bit baggier and sometimes feature cargo pockets. Ski pants typically provide a more traditional, slightly more fitted look. However there are brands like Orage who are spanning the gap between the ski and snowboard looks. Some of the very traditional ski brands such as Spyder and Obermeyer are creating collections of bolder looks to keep on trend with the growing number of kids who just want to wear cool ski or snowboard pants. stocks a full selection of kids pants in toddler sizes as well as sizes for big kids. Kids pants are available from size 7 to 20 depending on the brand and model. While toddler pants start at a 6X and go all the way down to a size 1 in some models and brands.


Some styles of kids pants have growth systems in them to help parents get a little more life out of the pants. Each brand calls their growth system something different but they all work in a similar fashion. When the pant legs are made they are cut about 2 inches longer than when they are finished. Inside the pant leg is a growth pleat, which gathers up the fabric to shorten the overall length. The pleat is made with colorful thread that is sewn into what is called a basting stitch. This colorful basting thread can be cut when your kids pant legs are getting a bit too short and the gathered fabric will extend about 2 inches for each leg. These growth system options are typically available in the toddler pant sizes only.


Additional features to consider when shopping for kids pants are suspenders or bib style kids pants. Bib pants or kids pants with suspenders are particularly helpful for kids who are rather slim as ski and snowboard pants aren’t available in slim sizes. Kids pants with suspenders are typically styled very similarly to other kids pants. The suspenders are often removable if a child decides they don’t need to use them to hold their kids pants up.


Hopefully this information along with the buying and sizing guides available in the Ski-O-Pedia on will help you make an informed decision about kids pants. If you have any questions or want help selecting the perfect pieces of kids pants for you please ask our customer service team via Live Chat.



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