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Kids Long Underwear Shopping Tips

What Makes One Pair of Long Underwear Different From Another?


When you purchase kids long underwear built for skiers you encounter something a bit better than what you would pick up of your local big box stores shelf. While some long underwear is simply formatted to keep a child warm throughout regular daily activities the long underwear used for skiing is formulated to handle the stress of skiing. So what’s so special about the long underwear here at


Skiing Long Underwear Features Wicking Properties- While skiing you get hot, you get cold, you get hot again; this causes your body to sweat. While out in the winter sweat can be very uncomfortable and dangerous. So in order to combat this the long underwear used for skiing offers moisture wicking materials which wick away the moisture caused by skiing from the inside out and doesn’t allow moisture from the outside in.


What do The Different Weights of Long Underwear Mean?


Kids long underwear is available in different weights for different use and users. As most all the types of activities, length of activities differs from one kids to the next so to accommodate this the long underwear is made in various weights. This means that dependent on the activity you plan on taking part in and how much your body naturally retains heat you can choose a weight of long underwear accordingly.


Kids Long Underwear Comes in 3 Weights


Heavyweight- This is the thickest and warmest weight in long underwear and will offer the most warmth for those who get cold the easiest or will be in the coldest climates.


Midweight- With midweight long underwear you get the best of both worlds so you can have mildly thick medium weight underwear so you are warm but not overly hot if you also tend to get hot easy.


Lightweight- This is going to be the lightest long underwear in both weight and thickness. Great for those in milder climates or who don’t get cold easy but still understand the importance of an under layer.


So now you know a few differences between good kids long underwear and bad and understand the differences that can help you make your decision while shopping. You now know that long underwear used for skiing offers moisture wicking abilities. You also know there are 3 different weights of underwear to choose from and each has their own purpose. Just remember sometimes the greatest warmth while in the cold is the first layer you put on so make it a good one.



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