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Helmet cameras have grown immensely in popularity over the years and for good reason. When they first came out these cameras were bulky and expensive but things have definitely changed. Now more moderately priced and sized down you can get your hands on a helmet camera and not break the bank.


So what makes a helmet camera so much superior to a regular camera? Well, helmet cameras offer a fantastic resolution and picture or video capability of pro quality. The compact design of these cameras and the differing mounts make them able to mount nearly anywhere and get nearly any shot in great pristine quality.


Helmet cameras also mesh really well with the action sports community especially skiing. Being able to capture high speed photos and video in high quality has changed the way we shoot skiing movies and action footage. Now you can be right in the driver seat while your favorite skier goes barreling down chutes and get a first hand experience of heli-skiing while never boarding the chopper.


Helmet Cameras are not just for helmets anymore.


As the helmet camera industry grows more and more accessories are becoming readily available. Now you can mount your cameras to nearly anything. There are helmet cameras with available mounts that suction cup on most all surfaces and pole mounts, surfboard mounts and flexible mounts that will adapt to nearly anything. Getting the best shot just become easier with endless mounting options.


As you shop you will see two main brands of helmet cameras that we stock, GoPro and Contour. Both these brands make a great product but if you like one over the other you can easily shop just one brand of helmet camera. You will see on the left side of the page a box where you can choose to shop by brand. By selecting either GoPro or Contour in this brands box will only show you helmet cameras and accessories by that brand. This filter will also help if you already own a helmet camera and only want to see accessories by the brand of camera you own.


In the course of time there are plenty of things that have changed the ski world for the better, you may not agree that helmet cameras have changed skiing for the better but you can’t argue that it has changed the way we see the skiing world.



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