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Helmet Cameras and Body Cameras

Technology has greatly advanced how we shoot skiing videos from shooting video for self enjoyment to top caliber ski documentaries and movies. Now you will see skiers with video cameras strapped to themselves with sometimes multiple helmet cameras and body cameras mounted on all angles. These specially designed skiing cameras from GoPro and Contour mount to the skiers and are so lightweight and minimal that they capture the natural essence of skiing gracing viewers with the true beauty from a skier's perspective. When shopping for either a helmet mounted camera or a body mounted camera it is best to know the difference in the types and brands as well as read up on reviews based on real users. Here we will better delve into all you need to know about helmet cameras and body mount cameras for skiing.

Types of Cameras: Body and helmet mount

To achieve various angles and different views while skiing there are a few different mounting options for GoPro and Contour helmets from helmet mounts, body mounts and more. The camera itself is going to be the expensive piece of the puzzle which can then be put together using various styles of mounts from helmet camera to pole mounted cameras to capture all the skiing you can muster. Helmet camera mounts are some of the most popular models of mounts for skiers because they can set it and forget it and the camera will capture whatever is in front of it from a ripping park run to the unfortunate tumble through a chute. Body mounted video cameras offer another great way to get the shot you want with a bit more control over the camera and has become another viable source for skiers looking for a different perspective. And backcountry and powder skiers seem to have found solace with the new pole mount ski cameras which offer an easy to handle and easy to maneuver camera mount that any skier can work with ease. Overall there are varying mounts for different shots so load up on a few mounts and see which works best for you.

Helmet camera brands - GoPro and Contour

As the popularity of helmet cameras and skiing cameras skyrockets there are more and more brands popping up trying to get a piece of the pie. But, don't worry at we only stock the originators and the trusted brands including GoPro and Contour. You will know you are getting some of the best helmet or body mount cameras on the market with these top brands that have cemented their relevance in the body and helmet camera market for good.

Read the reviews of helmet cameras

Want to know how that camera holds up? Or just how good of a resolution you can expect? Check out the helmet camera reviews and mount reviews for real information from actual customers that have used these helmet cameras. Or maybe you have purchased a body or helmet mounted skiing camera and want to share your experience regarding what you have purchased so write a review! Maybe what you write can help influence the purchase of someone in a similar circumstance as you!

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