Headphone Shopping Tips


A good set of headphones is a necessity of most all skiers whether your blasting your favorite jams going down a double diamond or rocking on the plane trip to your favorite vacation spot. Headphones have come a long way since the days of the Walkmans popularity. Today there are different styles of headphones and all these styles fit different purposes really well.




In-ear headphones offer a great fit for those that want to wear them underneath a helmet or beanie. When you wear in-ear headphones all the rest of the world cancels out so you won’t hear too much over them which can be a good thing, just make sure to keep your eyes open and be alert to your surroundings.


Over Ear


If you are interested in a more traditional approach to headphones there are still plenty of over the ear styles on the market. These are great for the users that like to wear headphones over their ski hat or have the ability to quickly remove them when they need to hear something.


Other Features to Look for

Depending on your personal preference there are some additional options to look for while shopping headphones. Some headphones will offer a volume control on the cable which can come in handy when you need to adjust the volume on the go. Another feature to pay close attention to is the length of the cable; these vary so take a look and double check the headphones you‘re looking at have a cable length that is adequate for your use. Another great feature found in some in-ear headphones is different sized ear inserts; this comes in handy as not everyone has the same size ears so getting a standard size to fit can be frustrating.


We stock a few different brands of headphones here at but if you are favoring one brand over another you can easily narrow these down. When you are on this headphone page you can shop only by one brand by selecting that brand in the “by brand” refinement on the left of the page. If you wish to only see Skullcandy headphones you can select Skullcandy in this box and the page will refresh to only show headphones by them.



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