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Cross Country Ski Gear Shopping Tips


Skis.com stocks the best selection of cross country ski gear, with hundreds of products ranging a variety of categories and styles. So, how do you shop when there is so much stuff to choose from? We made it easy to shop this gear by adding different sections and refinements that can narrow down your search to exactly what you are looking for. On the left side of this page you will first see some additional categories of cross country ski gear. You can choose to shop only xc skis, boots, bindings, poles, or xc ski packages. Here are some of the other ways you can use the refinements to find the perfect gear for you:


Shopping by Brand


If you have a favorite brand of cross country ski gear that you are looking for, you can easily see all products we carry by checking off the refinement for that specific brand. You will see a box titled “by brand” and here you can select a specific brand to only see gear by that brand. So if you like Fischer skis, you can select “Fischer” in the refinements and only see items made by Fischer Sports. Have a couple favorite brands, no big deal. You can select as many brands as you’d like, so if you choose Alpina and Fischer together, you will see equipment only from these two brands.


Shopping by Price


Stay on budget and only shop gear in your price range. While on this cross country ski gear page you will see a “by price” box where you can select from a range of prices and only be show items that fit into that price level.


Shopping by Gender


If you are a male, you will only want to see men’s gear, females will want to see women’s, kids will only want to see boy’s or girl’s, so we made it easy to quickly separate out these different categories. The “gender” box will give you the option to select men’s, women’s, boy’s or girl’s and only be shown cross country ski gear for that gender.


Shopping Ski Gear by Intended Use


There are many different styles of cross country ski gear which is intended for different types of cross country skiing. Use the “intended use” box on the left side of the page to narrow down the equipment to only show backcountry, skate, touring or combination cross country ski gear.


Using Multiple Refinements to Shop Cross Country Ski Gear


You can also use any number of these refinements all at once. If you want to only shop for men’s Fischer cross country gear you will select “men’s” and the page will refresh to only show men’s. Once the page is refreshed you can choose another refinement and at this time you can select “Fischer” to only be shown Fischer ski gear. Now the page will refresh and only be showing men’s Fischer cross country gear. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could select a specific category as well, such as “cross country skis” and would then only be shown men’s Fischer cross country skis.


For more information please view our Ski-O-Pedia where you can find a cross country ski buying guide and sizing guide.



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