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Cross Country Ski Boot Shopping Tips


At Skis.com we offer you a large selection of Cross Country Ski Boots for several different styles of skiing. There are two important factors that you need to consider when selecting a Cross Country Ski Boot.


The first one is, what is the best use for this boot? We classify boots for Cross Country Skiing like this:


Backcountry- Backcountry Cross Country Skiing Boots have more support, and a stronger wider connection to the NNN BC Bindings that will give you more control as you make your own trails through backcountry terrain.


Groomed- Cross Country Ski Boots for Groomed terrain are lightweight, typically with Neoprene liners that allow you to glide on the groomed tracks quickly and efficiently. These boots are available in NNN and SNS styles, but are only compatible with bindings of the same system.


Groomed/Ungroomed- Cross Country Ski Boots for Groomed/Ungroomed conditions will allow you glide with ease on the groomed tracks, and offer you support when you head off of the groomed tracks.


The most important factor when selecting Cross Country Ski Boots is to make sure that they are compatible with bindings.


NNN Boots- NNN Boots stands for New Nordic Norm. NNN boots have a toe bar on the toe on the sole of the boot, but with two smaller grooves on the sole of the boot that allow it to sit flush on the binding when standing flat.


NNN BC Boots- NNN BC Boots have two smaller grooves on the soles of the boots, but they require an NNN BC binding. The boot has a beefier toe bar and wider grooves on the sole of the boots to provide you with more stability and control for breaking trail in the backcountry.


75mm/ 3 Pin Boots- 75mm/ 3 Pin Boots offer you the least amount of control and are a fairly old system that offers less support and control. 75mm boots are not widely manufactured any more.


SNS Boots- SNS Boots are best used for classic skiing on the groomed tracks. SNS Boots have a single toe bar that locks into the toe piece of the binding, but with a larger single groove that fits into the sole of the boot to allow it to sit flush on the ski when standing flat.




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