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When it comes to cross country skiing the required equipment includes cross country skis, boots, bindings, and poles. As you may know there are various types of cross country skis available. Some models come with bindings and some do not. The models which come flat, or without bindings, can generally accept any model of bindings.


NNN Bindings- NNN Bindings stands for New Nordic Norm bindings. NNN bindings require a toe bar on the sole of the boot, with two smaller grooves on the sole of the boot that allow it to sit flush on the binding when standing flat. These are the best bindings to have when replacing an older binding, just make sure that you replace your boots with an NNN boot as well. NNN Bindings are best used for the Classic style.


NNN BC Bindings- NNN BC Bindings have two smaller grooves on the plate of the binding, but they require an NNN BC boot that has a beefier toe bar and wider grooves on the sole of the boots to provide you with more stability and control for breaking trail in the backcountry. NNN BC Bindings also have a wider footprint on the ski.


75mm Bindings- 75mm Bindings offer you the least amount of control and are a relatively old and outdated system. 75mm bindings are very simple and easy to use. All that you need to do is push the toe in and flip the lever down.


SNS Bindings- SNS Bindings are best used for classic skiing on the groomed tracks. SNS Bindings have a single toe bar that locks into the toe piece of the binding, but with a larger single groove that fits into the sole of the boot to allow it to sit flush on the ski when standing flat.


NIS Bindings- NIS Binding Systems are called Nordic Integrated Systems. They have plates on the skis that allow the ski to have a more even and deeper flex over the ski that is beneficial if you will encounter lots of small rolling hills on the trial. Skis that have a NIS Plate already attached to the ski require a NIS binding that is sometimes included with the ski. If the binding is not included with the ski you must make sure that the binding is NIS compatible. NIS bindings require you to simply slide the binding on to the plate and they lock into place.



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