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There are many styles of ski racks for cars and depending on your personal preference they will all work great. With many different types there are many different reasons for choosing one over the other most of which is personal preference. There are two main brands of ski racks as well as all different models. Let’s touch on the different brands before going on to talking about the different styles of ski racks.

Brands: Thule and Yakima

There are two main brands of car ski racks one being Thule and the other is Yakima. Both offer quality and security in ski rack systems and will be the top tier of rack systems for skiing. Between the two there are some cosmetic differences and more specific differences between each product. Both offer a great solution to carrying skis via ski racks and the choice between Thule and Yakima will come down to personal preference.

Types: Roof Top Boxes, Carriers and Hitch Carriers

There are several styles of ski racks and depending on your vehicle, amount of skis you need to hold and additional storage needs you will select one of the following options.

Roof Top Boxes

Roof top boxes are the easiest to load and offer the most storage capacity and best protection of any ski racks. Roof top boxes come in a various array of sizes to hold as little as a few pairs of skis and as much as skis, gear and more. Boxes offer protection from the elements and from undesirables stealing your gear. You can easily lock these ski racks so you can safely and securely leave your stuff in the box.

Roof Top Carriers

These types of ski racks are the most inexpensive way to get your skis out of the car and onto the roof. These ski racks are great for short trips to and from the mountain and offer a real easy to use design. The major downfall is not being protected from the elements as the skis will be outside the carrier and simply held in place so your skis are susceptible to road grime and salt splash from other vehicles.

Hitch Carriers

Another great and fairly inexpensive way to get your skis out of the inside of the car and into ski racks outside the car. The hitch carriers will carry a varying amount if skis and are easy to install as long as you have a hitch already. Again, your skis will be out in the elements and may need to be covered for longer trips in this ski rack system.

As you can see there are several variances when it comes to shopping ski racks and the decision is ultimately yours. So when you are shopping for a ski rack system be sure to weigh your options and ensure you are making the right choice based on your needs.

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