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IQ SW Carbon TI
Blizzard specifically developed four different groups of technologies that optimize each Quattro model’s ability to deliver exactly the right amount of each of the key benefits to every individual skier.
Woman Specific Design
By integrating a uni-directional carbon fiber frame with a performance wood core Blizzard was able to reduce weight without sacrificing performance.
IQ Junior
IQ junior is the ultimate junior ski technology. many young skiers have trouble flexing their skis because the bindings screwed onto the skis create a flat, stiff spot, making it hard to find the right line when preparing for a turn. the IQ system is mounted by a single central screw allowing the ski to flex evenly as it is pressured.
Carbon Flipcore
Flipcore is a revolutionary rockered ski production process that matches both the shape of the ski mold and the parts of the ski to the final rockered shape which allows the ski to be pressed in a natural way.
The shape of a ski refers to 3 specific measurements, the width, length, and sidecut. The combination of these dimensions has a direct effect on the precision and agility of a ski or simply, how well a ski turns. Quattro allows you to pick the ski for the turn shape, speed and how you want to ski. The various combinations of sidecut, waist width and length will offer different results in the turn shape.
Lite Core
Lite Core allows Blizzard to maintain performance while reducing weight by using materials that are naturally strong but lightweight which then get strategically constructed for maximum performance.
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