Skiing Whistler (2)

I just got back from my annual guys ski trip. Every year for the last 14 years I plan a ski trip to a different location for myself and a group of guys. There are usually about 12 of us every year and we always go at the beginning of December, we get amazing deals and the best accommodations for a very low price because it’s so early in the season. The drawback is the risk of little or no snow. While we have had some years with very little snow, we have never been unable to ski. It’s mostly the same group of guys each year and we look forward to this annual event almost the day we get back from the previous year’s trip.

This year we went to Whistler. While I have been to Whistler two times before, it’s been about 15 years since the last time. This place is amazing. With both Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain at your fingertips, it’s the biggest ski area in North America, by a lot! Whistler weighs in with 8,000+ acres with the 2nd largest, Big Sky, coming in at 6,000 acres. To add to being the biggest, it is now much more convenient with the addition of the new Peak to Peak gondola that now allows you to go back and forth from Whistler to Blackcomb without having to go all the way to the bottom.

Whistler Map

But in addition to the huge amount of terrain it is one of the best ski towns anywhere. Everything is within a very short walk in Whistler Village, The shops, lodging, restaurants and lifts are all within a couple of blocks. The restaurants were all good and the prices seemed very reasonable for a ski town. It seems to have something for everyone; from beginner to advanced terrain, enough runs to never get bored, lots of great shops, restaurants and bars. It also seemed to be a great place for families with kids.

Bottom line, if you have never skied Whistler be sure to put it on your list. The only drawback is that it’s a bit hard to get to from some places. For us it required 2 planes flight and a 2 ½ hour van trip from Vancouver airport. For just 3 days of skiing that’s a lot of travel but I will say it was well worth it!