Buried on the side of Mt. Hood is Windells Summer Ski Camp. Founded sometime in the late 1980s, Windells has been the leading winter sports skills camp through the major modern evolution of winter sports. They’ve hosted some of the most famous ski and snowboard athletes including Shaun White, Ryan Sheckler, Kevin Pearce, Tanner Hall, and more. They’ve seen major publication in Outside Magazine, been featured in multiple Red Bull movies, hosted Tony Hawk and the Boom Boom Huck Jam, and have birthed multiple leading snowboard brands manufacturers.

Windells’ teaching theory is based on all-out fun. The private campus is designed for campers to have the ultimate experience while living and playing within a safe, supervised environment. The coaching staff includes over 300 members and is made up of only the best people around. Former campers, including pro athletes and teams, frequent the campus bestowing wisdom and experience on the future generation of action sports athletes.

Want to know more? Well, we’re two weeks into July and Windells has just completed it’s first and second sessions. Check out the video and what they had to say about them.

Windells Session 1, 2016 Recap

Session 1 has come and gone! It was a radical week of snow stunts and good people! Take Over pros for Session 1 consisted of Saga Outerwear’s Tim Durtschi and Lib-Tech’s Lucas Wachs. As everyone cycled up to Mount hood on the first day the excitement hung strong in the air. At this point, nobody had really skied in a couple of months and it was time to shake the cobwebs. As everyone was getting their ski legs back, Lucas and Tim hit their stride mere hours into the day. Both lacing stylish and seemingly polished tricks in the pipe and all over the Windells Lane.

As the fun and amazing days roll by (too quickly for everyone’s liking), everyone who was on the hill, campers, coaches and staff alike, started to get back into mid-season form. As one can imagine once all the staff and kids got going, the Windells lane went off!

As Session Two quickly approaches we are excited about the amazing fun this week will bring. The Takeover Pro’s for Session Two include MacRae Wiliams, Karl Fostvedt, and Magnus Graner. Those boys will without a doubt be bringing the heat this week. Don’t forget to check the Instagram (@windellscamp) and Snapchat (windellscamp) for updates, leaks, and tricks. The hype is too real rolling into the second week of the summer. There are a bunch of sessions still to go and it is NOT too late to come have an amazing summer at Windells.


Windells Session 2, 2016 Recap

Session 2 is over! Last week we had a list of heavy hitters in the Windells Lane that made the session insane! Takeover Session Pro’s for Session Two consisted of “Crazy” Karl Fostvedt, McRae Williams, and Magnus Graner. These three took charge first day on the hill and did not stop until the last call of the final day. Magnus buttered, slid, nollied and ollied everything in his path. Karl, like Karl does, skied fast and precise, finding lines that no one had seen yet. McRae took the big jump and rails lines like you would expect him too, lacing epically clean doubles and smooth rail trickery.

The Shred Optics Team was also out in full force! Tom Wallisch, Keegan Killbride, Duncan Adams, Mike Hornbeck, and Lupe Hegarty were all in attendance. That group of skiers obviously dropped hammers all week.

Session 3 started yesterday! The summer is only going to continue to be the raddest ever! Remember to give the Instagram (@windellscamp) a Follow and check the Snapchat (windellscamp) for fun stuff, prizes, tricks, pros, leaks and camp fun! This week the Takeover Session Pro’s are Khai Krepela, Steve Stepp, and Jake Doan! There are still sessions left this summer, you can still come to camp and rip!

Windells Session 3 – 2016 Recap Article

Words- Sam Snyder

Once again, another session has come and gone. Session Three had no big surprises, everyone killed it, staff, pros, and campers! The Takeover Session Pro’s for Session Three included Khai Krepela, Jake Doan, and Steve Stepp. The stoke was high for the new park set up which did not disappoint. The transition was abundant, and creative rail lines were thrown into the mix, making the week of shred extra enjoyable. We did also get a day of full cloud inversion, allowing everyone to send it on top of a floor of puffy white clouds! Hammers went down, everyone was shredding. Overall the week was like all weeks here at camp, EPIC.

Overall it was yet another amazing week! Do not forget to add us on Snapchat (@windellscamp) and Instagram (@windellscamp) for more awesome stuff coming out of camp for the rest of the summer. Session Four starts today! There are still spots open for the best week of your life. For more information go to windells.com