We’ll admit, spring skiing on the East Coast can always be a little bit of a crap-shoot. Unpredictable weather patterns can cause warm temps and rain that bring skiing in the region to a standstill. After a pretty solid December and January this year, February was looking pretty bleak for a few weeks.

Lack of snowfall, 60-degree temps and rain plagued the area causing resorts to scramble their groomers and hope the weather allowed for snow making to save what snow they had left.

Back East skiers are tough and used to this type of weather pattern though. Anyone can ski powder in sunny 30-degree temps. If you regularly ski Back East you know what it’s like to be out there in the rain (GORE-TEX is no match for a garbage bag), ice, wind and blistery cold wind chills.

If you are a seasoned Back East skier you surely know the old adage: if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day and it will change. Call in the latest Nor’Easter.

What is a Nor’Easter?


A Nor’Easter is a large area of low pressure that starts over the Atlantic Coast near the southern US. The Jet Stream that can move from West to East meets the system moving up the coast. When these two meet, lookout!

As the storm tracks north it gains strength and maximizes intensity in the ski rich New England States. While not all Nor’Easters bring heavy snow, the good ones do. The current winter storm named Quinn is resurrecting the snow conditions at every ski resort in the area. Here are our top picks to get out to and ski this weekend.

Where to go Skiing this Weekend on the East Coast?

Here are the current snow totals from winter storm Quinn as of March 8th.

Mount Snow, Vermont


Mount Snow, Vermont is reporting 27 inches this morning! Their snow reporter says this is the most snow they have seen in a 24 hour period. Reports of snowdrifts are chest deep. After a slight delay while opening, they are 100% open and ready to rock. Stay safe out there with all of this snow and stay clear of treewells.

Mad River Glen, Vermont


The gang out at Mad River is reporting up to 8 inches this morning after at least a few inches before closing last night. At least 10 more inches is expected, but they very well could see up to 20 inches. Laps on the legendary single chair are going to be amazing this weekend!

Killington, Vermont


The Beast of the East is reporting 9-inches this morning on top of the 3-inches that fell yesterday, and again there is more snow in the forecast all weekend! Mellower terrain and cat tracks have been groomed, allowing for powder turns everywhere else on the mountain. Patrol will be doing checks this morning and opening more terrain ASAP.

Sugarbush, Vermont


Sugarbush is reporting 8 inches overnight with another foot expected, and snow in the forecast for the next 7 days! All trails on Mt. Ellen are open and Lincoln Peak will have some staggered openings today. Take advantage of $30 Thursday and get out there for some powder laps on the cheap.

Stowe, Vermont


Stowe is reporting 6 inches overnight, with heavy snow falling all day. Free refills anyone? Grooming was done last night so everything will be nice and smooth underneath all of that fresh. They are calling for several more inches throughout the weekend.

Okemo, Vermont


The Okemo snow report this morning reminds you to bring your snorkel. 12-16 inches have fallen since the lifts stopped spinning yesterday. Plenty of runs were left un-groomed yesterday, leaving plenty of fun features to be ridden in deep snow. Base areas have been groomed just to make shuffling around the areas near the lifts easier with all of this blower powder.

Sunday River, Maine


The Rivah is reporting 10 inches this morning and it’s still dumping. Patrol will be running routes this morning to get the glades open if they deem it safe. I bet those guys are getting some good laps in while “checking terrain”. Again, are we seeing a theme here? More snow is expected throughout the entire weekend.

Sugarloaf, Maine


The ‘Loaf’ is reporting 14-16 inches this morning with more on the way. Another 6-10 is possible in the Carrabasset Valley, which is getting buried. The largest vertical drop in the East (2820 ft.) will have some of the best skiing of the season this weekend. Although the majority of the Snowfields are currently closed, keep your eyes on the boards, as this type of snow may allow for the only above-treeline skiing to open this weekend.

Pico Mountain, Vermont


Pico is boasting 13 inches overnight and 25 inches in the past week. Groomers were out last night to maintain a few of the trails, but the majority of the mountain has been left untouched for deep turns. Patrol will be out all day opening more terrain as it becomes safe to ski.

Get Out There!

Another timely Back East skiing adage is get out while the gettin’ is good. For all of the times the East takes a little bit of a ribbing from Western skiers, no one can argue about when it dumps like this. Regardless of where you are, the skiing will be amazing! Honestly, it makes me jealous; I wish that I could get out there for some turns.