Going Skiing in Japan? There’s a Guide for That.


It’s on every skier and snowboarder’s list, or at least it should be. Those who have discovered the playful pillows and bottomless powder found in Japan will be spewing about it for months on end and have probably already booked next year’s trip. What else will they tell you about their experience? They’ll tell you that they couldn’t understand anything.

Finding a bathroom when your bladder is full — trouble. Saying hi to that pretty local across the bar — forget about it. How about finding one of Japan’s classic cat cafes — still on their list.

Well, you’re in luck because Tahoe City local and author Erinna McCarthy has composed, “Speak Japanese And Sh*t. A ski and snowboard guide to language and culture.” This playful gem is going to get you to and from the places you need to be with ease and laughter. Written for your inner ski bum, this guide will give you the translations you need for basics such as meals and road signs to quick tips on the best bang for your buck when grabbing your suds for Après ski.

The translations alone make this book worthwhile, but the guidance on all things skiing adds to the practicality. If you’re looking for options that have on and off-piste skiing, check this guide. Are you chasing face shots in Hokkaido or the spines of Honshu? It’s all in the guide. If you want to know how the locals do it, and what not to order off the menu, having this paperback could save you some pain.

Erinna reminds you, as a traveler, to look past the fluffy flakes for a bit and dive into a few new experiences. Stripping down at an Onsen (or bathhouse) prior to a night of Japanese karaoke will add a unique taste to your trip. While skiing takes top priority, you really can’t beat eating dinner at a robot restaurant in Tokyo.

Enjoy that deep deep snow and carry this guide with you wherever you go. You’ll be thankful when you’re in a pinch and know how to say, “gomen nasai” aka “I’m sorry,” after you’ve offended everyone at the bar.

Who is this book for?

You – if you’re planning a ski trip to Japan

Your coffee table – If you want to look cultured when fellow skiers stop by

Your friends – If you want to get them an awesome gift before their trip

Anyone looking for a laugh, to learn a bit about Japanese language, culture, and absurdities.