If we all know one thing to be true, it’s that skiing in Europe reaches a whole new level of awesome. From the epic scenery of the Alps, to the rich culture around you, there is so much to take in.

Picture this: You’ve just finished a long day of skiing and when you get down to the bottom of the mountain, you’re met with a hot and steamy, buttery croissant. Or maybe a rich, lemony shot of espresso in Italy sounds more your style. Take your pick from a resort in France, Switzerland, Austria or Italy, but rest assured, you can’t go wrong with wherever you choose. If you’re an avid skier looking to expand your horizons, then a trip out to Europe is calling your name. New terrain in an expansive landscape, within a melting pot of people from across the world… sounds pretty incredible, am I right? Don’t just take my word for it though, go out there for yourself to really experience all that a European ski vacation has to offer. But in the meantime, explore our top five reasons listed below that may sway you to book the flight.

Temperature and Climate

European Ski Vacation
Mont Blanc Massif European Alps

Temperature is a make it or break it factor for a lot of skiers, especially myself. There’s nothing better than bundling up extra warm, prepared for an amazing day of skiing with friends and enjoying your favorite season. But unfortunately for most of the United States, temperatures can drop to pretty low temperatures, with wind chill exacerbating the already frigid conditions. And once the sun drops, forget it. I’m inside faster than you can say “wanna call it a day?” But on the bright side, in Europe, it’s a different story. Temperatures average around 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the Alps. Strong winds come and go fast, bringing with them more snowfall on powder days. So if you don’t enjoy bone-chilling temperatures, maybe Europe should be on your radar for your next ski trip. Most European resorts are open from November to April, but plan when you go accordingly. The earlier you go, expect more snow. But towards the end of the season, you’ll have more daylight hours with more sunshine. The downside is that the conditions may not be as favorable this time of the year. Either way, you won’t miss out; it’s skiing in Europe after all.

Save Money During Non-Peak Times

Who doesn’t love to save money? And not to mention, skiing during a peak time gets annoying, quick. There are tons of people, long lift lines and expensive prices. To avoid this inevitable fate you face if you choose to go around Christmas, New Years or during the sunnier months towards the end of the season, shoot to go around January. Prices will drop significantly, allowing a more peaceful ride with quick lines, giving you ample time to enjoy the outdoors.

Beautiful Accommodations Await Your Visit

Ski Resort in French Alps, Saint jean d’Arves, France

A ski trip is as much about the experience, as it is the actual skiing. In Europe, you can find a place to fit any need. Looking for a charming Alpine chalet? Check. Or how about a budget-friendly hotel that does the job with the bear minimum basics? Check. Austria and Italy have the best value in terms of accommodations so if that is something you’re looking for, check out resorts in either country. And for those who want a luxurious place to kick back in, you’ll have absolutely no trouble finding five-star boutique hotels that will have you drooling from the second you step foot on the property.

Europeans Invented Après

Beyond where you stay, what you do after skiing is just as important, and Europe sure knows how to end a beautiful day out on the slopes. Amazing food across gourmet restaurants and cafes, met with ice-cold refreshments served in authentic glass mugs, are around every corner. Not to mention, the sightseeing or shopping you can enjoy if you want to enrich your cultural experience is abundant. You can learn about the local history or fashion of the area during your stay.

Try Something Different

European Ski Vacation
Skiing in the European Alps

Life is about trying new experiences. The best reason I could give for a European ski vacation would be because it’s something new, something fresh, and Europe is known for it’s incredible skiing. Immerse yourself in a different language, cuisine and currency. Our minds can get stagnate staying in the same place for too long. Give your heart and soul the experience it aches for by skiing in the Alps. You’ll leave with a greater perspective, the enlightenment of a novel culture, and a deeper understanding of a city’s rich history.