This is my home hut, so maybe I’m biassed, but it is amazing. The two small huts are nestled at the base of Three Creeks lake with Tam Rim jutting upward on all sides. The beauty of this hut is its ease of access. A short morning skin takes you to the Rims top, opening up a wide variety of terrain. You can choose to drop back into the Three Creeks Valley or tour into Broken Top mountain and beyond. The huts have a perfect Northwest flavor, complete with beautiful artisan woodworking and cozy sauna. This year Three Sisters Backcountry has introduced a hut to hut experience as well. If you are in Oregon this is the spot.Hidden Huts Tam Rim

Sitting at 6,800 feet Fishhook Yurt is Idaho at its best. This location shows you the raw beauty of the Sawtooths mountains, but also provides a good access point for more advanced lines and ski mounteenering. Oh did I mention there is a wood fired hot tub…enough said.Hidden Huts FishHook

With vistas of the Grand, Middle, and South Tetons this hut sits at 8,000 ft. Commissary Ridge is perfect for varying ability levels, with a wide variety of terrain within reach. If you have never spent time in the wild backcountry of Wyoming this will blow your mind.Hidden Huts Commissary-Ridge

sitting pretty at 10,525ft Aladdin’s Lamp Hut is located in the San Juan Mountains. Looking over the Weminuche Wilderness it sits below the Grand Turk. Powder paradise awaits at this amazing hidden nook.Hidden Huts Aladdins

In the winter the Wallowas are lovingly nicknamed “Little Switzerland” with wide sweeping views and surprising steeps. Hidden in Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness these huts are worth the trek.The Big Sheep (elev. 6200 ft.) and Wing Ridge (elev. 7200 ft.) huts offer large bunk style tents, classic lanterns, basic cooking, and most importantly wood fired saunas. All you need are you skis.Hidden Huts Wallowas

At 10,200’ Ridgeway Hut sits under the North Slopes of Reconnoiter Peak (12,980′). With rugged peaks jutting upwards the hut is surrounded by a spruce forest making it feel secret and remote. This location offers access to Blue Lakes and Burn huts if you are planning on a multi day adventure.Hidden Huts san-juan-huts-ski-15

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