It sure seems like skiing dogs are in vogue these days. Videos are popping up on YouTube all over the place of dogs running down ski hills, playing in snow on mountains, dressed up in ski gear and so on. We even added one to our Top 5 Videos from This Season So Far post about a dog and his human skiing in Patagonia.

Here we are going to compare two fairly recent skiing doggy videos and see which one comes out on top. First up, we have Sintha, the dog who loves skiing in the Swiss Alps.

This skiing dog is awesome. She’s a true snow dog with the fur to prove it. She sits so calmly on her person’s shoulders while skiing that you have to believe she actually loves it. Not to mention how fast she runs as her person is skiing down cat tracks. That dog could go out for Nastar if it wanted to. But, and here’s the only downfall I see, can you really call Sintha a skiing dog when really just rides on her person’s shoulders while they ski? Impressive and all, but not technically skiing. This is where the next video comes in.

Meet Crusoe, the wiener dog who loves skiing. Okay, right off the bat, this dog does not look like it could or should ski. Any dog who needs a sweater is no snow dog in my eyes. Let’s see what he can do though.

I have to admit, I didn’t see this coming. Crusoe actually skis (I’m calling it skiing since his body faces down the hill, although the argument for snowboarding could be made here since it’s two skis put together to make one plank he rides on). Riding the lift, calmly rocking down the hills, the scarf, and those bomb looking Oakley’s he sports makes him more of a skier than some of the gapers I’ve seen out there. Sure, he needs a leash like a lot of kids out there do, but he’s a dog so I think he gets a pass on that.

So who’s the winner here? The dog that looks the part or the dog who dresses the part? The dog that has the athleticism and build of a skier or the dog who actually skis? Here’s what it comes down to for me: the enthusiasm and love of the sport, snow and mountains. In my opinion, it’s Sintha that wears those badges with pride. She loves running, playing and just generally shredding up the mountain whether it be on all fours or on the shoulders of a real skier. While Crusoe is really skiing, he doesn’t look like that was entirely up to him or that it’s his passion in life. He seems to just be very go with the flow and chill (although this does describe every ski bum I’ve ever met).

But nonetheless, we have our winner. Congrats Sintha, the ski dog of March 2015! If you ever feel like visiting the office, we have some treats for you waiting.

Disagree or have input on my decision? Tell me below in the comments section.