4 Things You Can do to Make the Off-Season More Bearable

It’s happening. The snow is melting, resorts are closing and you’re starting to get anxious. The ski season is coming to an end – this means you’ve got to find other ways to occupy your time. Here are 4 sure fire ways to have a blast off the slopes and prepare for next season.

1. Get Some Sun:

Spring is here and that means SUN. There is no denying that exposure to rays of Vitamin D make you feel good, amongst other benefits.

The sun helps fight off seasonal depression – most of the time you hear about this when it’s dark, cold and gloomy, but for skiers it’s the exact opposite. That’s why you should makes sure you’re spending as much time outside as possible in the spring and summer months.

In addition to fighting off seasonal depression, the sun also helps your body produce Vitamin D keeping your bones healthy – a benefit when you plan on spending the entire winter on the slopes. And, if you’re not an early bird, you may want to consider it. Sunlight can help set your circadian rhythm, making it easier to wake up in the morning and to fall asleep at night.

My point is – do anything and everything you can under the sun. Hiking, biking and swimming are all great ways to enjoy the warmer months, just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

2. Plan a Trip:

Travel is key in the spring and summer months, and the perfect time to get outdoors and explore the landscapes you love – without snow. Whether you’re on the West Coast, in the Midwest or out East – there are plenty of destinations that are road trip worthy. So let’s start out west and work our way across the U.S. of A.

West Coast
Lake Tahoe’s Clear Blue Water

Straddling the California and Nevada border, Lake Tahoe is just as wonderful in the spring and summer months as it is in the winter.

Explore places like Sugar Pine Point State Park, surrounded by nearly two-miles of lakeshore and dense forests that are ideal for hiking and camping. Or go on a tour of the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, learning the rich history of Tahoe.

If that isn’t quite your speed, you can always check out the Heavenly Mountain gondola ride and take on panoramic views of Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley and the untamed wilderness, or hop in a kayak and take in the mountains from a different angle.

Whether you choose to adventure on land or by sea, Tahoe has something for everyone – but keep in mind this gem is just as popular in the summer as it is in the winter, so be sure to plan ahead if you decide to vacation here.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Next up is the Midwest. This time we’re going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to check out the Pictured Rocks.

These natural beauties are home to 13 hike-in campgrounds, with 7 group sites spaced every 2-5 miles along the Lakeshore Trail. There are also 3 rustic campgrounds that can be reached by car and if camping isn’t quite your thing, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has tons of hiking trails to accommodate everyone.

The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is also the perfect place for on water adventures. Take a narrated shipwreck tour in a glass bottom boat allowing history to come alive, or take a guided sea kayak tour along 15 miles of the breathtaking Lake Superior shoreline. Whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed.

East Coast
Spring Flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I may be a little bias here, but Asheville,NC is my all-time favorite place to travel to on the East coast. This cozy mountain town has plenty to do and is the perfect destination for all-season travel.

Go for a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and take in all of the beauty that the Appalachian Mountains have to offer. Or if you’re looking for something faster paced, enjoy one of Asheville’s many events like Concerts on the Creek and the popular Friday night drum circles in downtown Pritchard Park.

Asheville is also home to 38 different craft breweries, so if you’re a beer connoisseur this is definitely the travel destination you’ve been dreaming of. Known as “Beer City U.S.A” there is a brewery or a beer for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a small, hole in the wall nano-brewery like One World Brewing, or a beer garden like the one at Wicked Weed to enjoy with others – Asheville has got you covered.

And if that’s not enough to entice you, Asheville has plenty to be explored with over 3,000+ miles of free, public hiking trails – including 1,600 miles in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests.

3. Recharge Your Batteries:

Now we aren’t telling you to sleep away your spring, but a few afternoon cat naps and sunny days lounging in the yard with a good book can be imperative for mental and physical health.

We know the above isn’t for everybody, but we don’t think that “recharging your batteries” necessarily means you need to be laying around. You can partake in other relaxing activities that you enjoy like checking out your local farmers market or catching up with friends over a coffee in the park.

You might even want to consider unplugging for the day. Turn your cell phone off, avoid your TV and disconnect from everything that is electronic, kind of like a digital cleanse.

Whatever you choose to do this spring and summer, make sure you take some “me time”, kick back, relax and if you’re feeling it – crack open that bottle of Rose, because you know you deserve it, all day.

4. Prime Yourself for Next Season:

Ahhhh, last but not least – prime yourself for the upcoming ski season. Now you don’t have to spend your entire off-season in the gym (unless that’s your thing) but getting outside and being active will definitely help you when it’s time to return to the slopes.

Rollerblades Skate-to-Ski initiative is just one of many ways you can get in some off-season exercise. In addition to in-line skating, paddle boarding and kayaking are both great ways to keep your core in shape.

If you’re looking to get some cardo in, taking a spin class or just hopping on your bike will help you burn some calories and keep yourself strong until it’s time to strap your sticks back on your feet.

There you have it guys, 4 great ways to fight seasonal ski depression. Don’t let spring and summer get you down. Make the most of your warm weather time and before you know it the snow will be falling again.