Unspoken rules of the mountain:

Every skier and snowboarder knows that there are certain unspoken rules about riding, things you should and should not do. Call them skiing faux pas, pet peeves, no-no’s, social norms, or whatever you like, these guidelines are sometimes universal and other times specific to a place or person.

As I asked around the Skis.com office, I realized that everyone seems to have input on this topic. So, I put together a list of some of the cultural faux pas of skiing and snowboarding.

What not to do:

1. Not clearing the exit ramp area off a chairlift. If you’re waiting for others, shifting your gear or just deciding where to go, move out of the way.

2. Wearing jeans while skiing. Come on people.

3. No stopping in the middle of the slope. Pull off to the side.

4. Throwing trash off the lift – disposable coffee cups, beer cans, cigarettes, etc.

5. People who put the bar down on the chair without asking or telling you they intend to do so. Being hit in the back of the head with a bar is not cool.

6. When skiing with a group, not stopping at an intersection to keep the group together.

7. Listening to music on the chairlift. In general, it’s common courtesy to talk to the people on the lift with you. Listening to music implies an ‘I’m too good to talk to you’ demeanor.

8. Two people at a table in the lodge taking up 6-8 spots with all their stuff. Your helmet and gloves should not get their own seat when it’s crowded.

9. People that bomb the hill without turning or people that are completely out of control flying straight down the hill with no regard for human life.

10. Smoking on a crowded lift/in the gondola. That’s common space, don’t do it.