It’s the summer, and I’m bored, so naturally I’ve just been sitting here watching ski films on YouTube all day. Fortunately, that sparked the idea of a quick write-up about my favorite YouTube series out there. So here’s a quick top 5, in no particular order.

Salomon Freeski TV

I’ve always enjoyed the Salomon Freeski TV series. It boasts just enough adventure to get my senses going but not too much that I think it’s wildly out of my league. Plus, they do pretty awesome stuff. In the above episode, they’re focused on capturing the perfect shot when a Skier can be seen in the forefront of an eclipse. It’s a pretty fantastic idea.

Every Third Thursday

Signal Snowboards has been running this series for as long as I can remember. Frankly, I think its one of the coolest winter sports series out there because of the unique approach used in creation. The whole premise is to make functional snowboards out of non-traditional materials such as old Jack Daniels barrels above. It’s worth browsing around their series; it’s a good one.

The Crew at SLVSH

The boys at SLVSH have come up with a new concept. They’re releasing weekly “games” in which they pit two talented skiers up against one another to see who wins. They’ve got a stacked team of pros so there’s no shortage of talent and a pretty decent soundtrack to go with it.

Days of My Youth

Days of My Youth, from RedBull and Matchstick Productions, is one of my favorites. It’s just fun skiing. These guys are out there just tearing it up with a couple of badass videographers and some impressive mountains.

GoPro Line of the Winter

GoPro’s annual Line of the Winter contest always produces an array of impressive edits. We’ve touched on this year’s winner, Leo Taillefer and his particular approach to skiing, and while he’s been the clear choice over the past two years, he’s only one of a couple hundred videos out there.