Most recently, you might recognize Rory Bushfield as the winner of NBC’s show, Splash. But, before making waves in the pool, Bushfield was making his name known for throwing huge tricks in the backcountry and marrying the ski industries late sweetheart, Sarah Burke. In this interview, Bushfield talks about Nordica’s first ever pro model ski, the Bushywayne.

In this interview team member Kevin gets a chance to catch up with Rory Bushfield at SIA.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Kevin from I’m here at SIA 2013. I’m joined by Rory Bushfield. Thanks for joining us today, Rory. Thanks for having me. So, Rory, you’ve got the first Nordica Pro Model ski in the history. What’s that feel like? It’s a huge honor, man. I mean, I’ve been with Nordica for a bunch of years now and we’ve been talking about it but now it’s here, man. It’s an honor. It’s come to fruition, nice. So, what went into the whole development thought process behind designing this ski? What led you to the final design? I think it was just derived from a bunch of other skis that we liked and then last year’s Radict, it was derived from there and it has a stiffer tail. It’s basically just an all-around, awesome pow ski that will still ski the mountain, you know, it has camber underfoot. Still has a bit of sidecut. It’s like you can ski ice on it and it works. It’s made for pow but, you know, how many mountains have just pow from top to bottom, you know, you end up in all the snow so… Nice. So, they thing I like about the Nordica’s and their pow skis compared to some of the other brands out there is that they actually ski really well on groomers but the sidecut, the deep sidecut, and with the tip profile, and it looks it like carries over in your ski, when you get that ski up on edge, it really does carve. It makes a good turn. It works. It works, man. And when you have a lip in the fresh snow, it doesn’t like bog through it, it’s actually like you’re on top of the snow which makes it that much funner to ski, man. Nice. So, you spend a lot of time in the backcountry a lot more than most skiers, right? Obviously that let’s through with ski. I know you’re a pilot. You like to go out and scope big lines, don’t you? Yeah. Yeah. What kind of motivates you to go out and buy your own plane and really get into scoping your own lines and stuff? Well, the motivation really it’s like, the story’s right there on the graphic man. It’s about just breaking out of your zone and getting out there. That’s me and my dog flying out of the skull’s mouth. The skull’s throwing up my stuff and those are all things that like keep me distracted from just going out there and getting bad exploring and, you know, skiing, man. I see you’ve got the sled, so obviously sled, what’s the chainsaw thing? I do a bunch of woodwork, man. I have a bunch of wood projects and cut down, you know, chainsaw. Chainsaw business. There you go. It’s a fraction of the projects that I have on the ski but that’s the idea. All right. Sweet. Well, thanks for joining us today, Rory, and this is Kevin from joined by Rory Bushfield.