When it comes to Michelle Parker, big things truly do come in small packages. Michelle won Best Female Performance at the Powder Video awards in 2013 for her segment in Superheros of Stoke. Parker started as a racer in Squaw Valley, California, but soon transitioned full time into free skiing. Parker has filed with some big name production companies including Matchstick Productions, Warren Miller and Red Bull. Here Hans catches up with Michelle to see what she has been up to.

Transcript: This is Hans from skis.com. We’re in one of our retail locations at Don Thomas Sporthaus and joining me is Michelle Parker. Michelle, you are a big mountain skier? Yeah, exactly. And I heard you started out as a little park rat? I was a park rat. I actually started out as a racer and then slowly that developed into skiing in the park and then the technical background gave me the skills and the need for the big mountain scene and now I’m a big mountain skier. So, obviously your name is getting bigger every year, I mean, people start, you know, writing about you. You just signed a contract with Red Bull. How does that effect the career having a big sponsor like this picking you up? It’s really exciting and they really enable me to do things that I want to do and to accomplish goals and to, you know, make dreams become a reality so it’s a really exciting brand to be involved with. They do a lot of really cool things for the athletes and they support our ski industry tremendously. So, I’m excited. So i also heard that you just signed with Atomic over the summer? What’s your favorite ski in the Atomic line? The ski that I love skiing on last year so much was the Millennium and at 179, I’m 5’2” and 3/4s, it’s a really burly women’s ski but not too much. It’s a good in between and super fun. So, because you’re not really on the…you’re more on the short side, right, than the tall side so is that why you say 5’2 and 3/4s? It seems like all shorter women will give me a little bit 3/4 thing. I guess it’s a habit of mine but good call out. Michelle, so you’re here, obviously we’re showing the new MSP movie Superheroes of Stoke. You’ve been in the Midwest before but I heard, where have you skied in Michigan? I’ve skied at Boyne Mountain, Michigan, and at Nubs Nob. Favorite food? Favorite food? Sushi. Sushi sounds, actually I don’t eat any fish so sushi for me is kind of a…you obviously do a lot of sports in the summer too and I heard that stand up paddling is one of your new passions. Yeah, I love stand up paddle boarding. Lake Tahoe is a great canvas for stand up paddleboarding. It can be super relaxing and kind of meditative or it can be a great workout, so I dig it. And obviously you come from a family of skiers, can you tell me a little bit about your parents? Yes. My parents are 2 of the most passionate skiers that I know. My mom wakes up on the first snowfall in Tahoe and goes skiing at like 6 in the morning, she hikes up our driveway and skis down it just so she can say she’s the first one in our family to ski that season so, yeah, they ski every day, rain or shine. My mom’s at least out there for 1 run and it’s super fun to be surrounded by that kind of passion. And also that means you probably started skiing when you were about one or so? Exactly, yeah. I skied about 3 times long as you have. There you go. I’m not quite that old. Michelle, thanks for joining us and hopefully we will have fun tonight at the movie. We’re gonna have a blast. Thanks for having me.