Mark Abma is a professional Canadian freeskier whom has won numerous awards and has been featured in several films by Matchstick Productions, Poor Boyz Productions and more. He is a member of the Salomon freeski team and has helped with product design and development. His most recent endeavor is called One Step which helps skiers and ski resorts to reduce their carbon footprint. In this interview, Hans catches up with Mark to see what he is up to.

Transcript: Hey, this is Hans with We’re in one of our retail locations: Don Thomas Sporthaus. and joining me today is Mark Abma who is a like me, a foreigner, Canadian big mountain rider. Mark where do you live? I live in Whistler which is, yeah, still my opinion, one of the finer places to live and yeah look forward to going back home every time. So, we might disagree because I was living in a place called Werbia and the nickname is called Whistler on Steroids. Mark, obviously you know big mountain skiing is getting pretty big out there but it’s also a non-Olympic sport and I know you have some connections to an Olympian that’s pretty close to you. Yeah. My fiancee is a two-time mogul Olympian and yeah, no I love the Olympics, man. It’s like one of the greatest sports spectacles to take part of and our last Olympics in Vancouver was the greatest experience ever. It was super fun. Cool. So you spent quite a bit of time there? You went to see some of the events. Yeah, I was there for the whole 2 weeks actually and yeah, watched some hockey, some speed skating, some mogul skiing, of course, and some pipe. It was, yeah, it was amazing. So, what’s your favorite ski? I’m on the Rocker 122 and it’s a ski I ski on 90% of the time. Ski of choice even when it’s a little bit more hard pack snow. You can still ski in? Oh yeah, you can definitely still ski them. But if it’s hard pack and I’m going to be skiing some park then I’ll hop on the 108 and it’s a really nice, light, nimble, poppy ski and, yeah, I love playing around in that thing. Favorite food? Well, when I come to the states, Mexican. When I’m back home, sushi. Yeah, I just kind of go with the flow and usually try to get the best of wherever I’m at. Whatever looks good, right? Exactly. How about, what kind of boots do you ski on? I’m skiing on the Ghost and, yeah, I love it. Super solid boot that gives me all the torsional strength I need and the confidence I need for landing bigger cliffs. How about summer sports? Kite boarding. Mountain biking, cross-country biking. Golfing. And just working around the house, taking care of the chickens. That’s what I heard. You have pretty interesting set up. I just saw a Face Time with Mark Abma on ESPN. What’s the scoop about your living arrangements? Well, it’s ever evolving but right now I’ve got a fairly good sized veggie garden that we collect most of our food from during the summer and then we’ve got a chicken coop in the back that gives us some of our eggs and meat and then, yeah, then I’ve created a little backyard spot so we’ve got a hot pool, cold pool sauna and then, yeah, we’re just getting closer and closer to getting our house off the grid and making our own electricity so it’s pretty exciting. Good. I also heard an interesting thing about your truck. I think most trucks will run either on diesel or on gas but yours runs on something a little different? Yeah, I go around to the local restaurants and I get their old deep frying oil that they’re throwing away in the back and I take it home and I clean it up and then I dump it in my truck and she runs like a dream on it. There we go. So, Mark, when you grew up or when you started getting to big mountain skiing, what were your idols? I’m sure you had some people you looked up to. Yeah, Scott Schmidt was a big one. Glen Plake, Seth Morrison. and then that transitioned into J.P. Auclair and then yeah, and, yeah, it’s ever evolving, ya know, it’s, I still have a lot of idols that I look up to this day. It’s pretty cool just to see how the has grown and how many people you can look up to now. It’s pretty fun. Cool. And I heard this is your first visit in Michigan. You never been to the Midwest before? Yeah, First time, man. That’s good. Mark, thanks for joining us. I know we have the movie showing tonight, the new Superheroes of Stoke and we’re glad to have you in Michigan. Thanks.