Just say the name Henrik Harlaut and immediately coming to mind is the dreadlock weilding soft spoken Swedish freestyle skier who in the last two years has dominated the Winter X games. In 2013, Harlaut took gold in the Big air with the first ever “nose butter triple cork 1620”. That same year he won Silver in the slopestyle event. In 2014, Harlaut successfully defended his Big Air Gold with another amazing set of tricks. Here, Hans talks to Henrik about what it is like to be a Gold Medal winner.

Skis.com team member Hans got a chance to ask him a few questions:

Transcript: This is Hans with skis.com. We’re at one of our retail locations at Don Thomas Sporthaus and I just picked up this bum off the street and we’re showing our bling off. I won this tournament, regional soccer tournament in 1999. Can you top that? Probably not. What do you got in your hand there? I got gold medal from X-Games Big Air, that was two days ago and a silver medal from yesterday X-Games Slopestyle. I think you win. Just joking around obviously. This is Henrik Harlaut. Henrik just flew in from Dallas today, right? Denver to Dallas? Just came back from the X-Games in Aspen where he, Saturday, won the gold medal in the Big Air and yesterday won a silver medal in Slopestyle. So, how does it feel right now? Feels awesome. Couldn’t be more happy, i guess. Being the big dog at the X-Games, right? Yeah. So, you’re originally from, if I understand, my son played hockey and I understand that was your sport before you started skiing. Yes. That is correct. When I was young until I was 9 I always wanted to become a hockey player. Since being from Sweden obviously it’s a really popular sport in your country so but you guys moved up to Are, right? That is correct. And I skied there before too actually. I used to, I was there in 92 for the Olympics actually and then we went to Are for skiing so…what other home mountain do you have? Pretty much all over because I usually, I travel a lot all over and I actually haven’t been back to Are since 3rd of January 2012 so being over a year since I was home, to my home mountain so everywhere pretty much, in America usually I like to call Mammoth my home mountain because that’s where I try to ski as much as possible and I love it there. Cool. Cool. So, people probably wonder, you got a nickname, what’s your nickname? It is E-Dollo. And E-Dollo what does that, where came that from? This one skier that was a very big inspiration, Mikael Deschenaux, he came up with it when I was 13 and, yeah, I wanted to get a nickname and he had one for me. There we go. Simple enough. So, the other thing is, you are traveling throughout the country right now with Paul Bergeron and Phil Casabon, what is behind, what’s the story behind that tour? It is inspired by skateboarding. We’ve seen that Eric Iberg the manager and owner of Inspired Media wanted to do it for the past 15 years but it wasn’t really the time for it and nobody was really feeling doing it but it’s going around and show some love and inspire kids that don’t usually get to see too many pro skiers and whatever and you just go to their home mountain and ski with them and just, yeah, spread love and have fun with them. It’s cool because you guys did, what, 45 resorts in 60, I think that’s about the number, right? 66 days. Yeah and that’s a pretty cool thing. Yep. But again, congratulations for your medals from the X-Games and we’re super excited to have you here. As we say, we’re stoked and hopefully we can show you a good time tonight and have a lot of kids come in. Sounds good to me. Thank you very much.