Here, Kevin from our team interviews legendary skier and sledneck Dan Treadway. If you have been watching ski media since the late 90’s, you will undoubtedly recognize Dan Treadway or his smooth style and propensity to jump huge cliffs on both skis and snowmobiles. In this interview, Dan talks about the Rossignol Super 7 ski. Dan was a big influence in this ski design and he gives you the run down of what makes this ski great!

Transcript: Hi, I’m Kevin from We’re here at SIA 2013 and today I’m joined by Rosi athlete Dan Treadway. Dan, brand new Super 7 this year, all new construction. You had a big involvement in the design of this ski. What’s different about this ski from the past years? Couple of the big things with this ski is we have this new Air Tip technology in the tail as well that has dropped these skis by 30%. The weight is so much lighter in the swing weight in the tip and tail that, you know when we were first talking about the weight change, I didn’t think for the type of skiing that I do, was going to make that much different but it’s amazing. Just the weight of that tip coming around is so much easier. The other thing that I’m really excited about is the profile of the tip is just way less aggressive. The old Super 7 has quite a bit of turned up tip on it as well as the tail is like really turned up on the old ski. This one being a lot flatter, it just rides like a lot longer ski and it just enters and exits the snow way smoother. Nice. So, the new one has no metal where as oppose to the old ski, you know, had a fair amount of metal in it. How’s that play into the feel of the ski and the way that it performs on snow? This year also changed up the wood core. It’s a different type of wood and it’s a really stiff rigidity of the ski so it skis like it’s got metal in it but with no weight. Nice. So, I know you’re a big backcountry guy, sled a lot, you know, how does the design of this ski play into the backcountry aspect and also, I know you spent a decent amount of time at Whistler, how does it perform in, you know, both those conditions where you’re out sledding and then you’re ripping, you know, sometimes on the hard pack to get back to the lift to take another lap. The beauty of this ski is really, you can ski this ski every day, any ski resort in the world and have fun on it. It’s not just a powder ski. With the regular sidecut, regular camber underfoot, the thing skis amazing on the groomers. Icy conditions you can still ski it. Another big difference with the tip and the tail being lighter is with the reverse camber, they used to really chatter a lot, the tips and tails, and with that light weight as well as not turned up as much, it chatters way less so it skis like a bit of a conventional ski in that aspect and in the backcountry, you know, it’s amazing. It performs great, The fact that we went to a square tail now so you can stick it in the snow if you’re climbing up mountains, it fits in the gondola a lot easier in the pockets, it fits on my snowmobile way better. There’s just, you know, everything about it is great improvements. So, if you had one tip for the guy that’s looking to get in the backcountry, in the sled ski and stuff like that, what would that be? Just get out there and enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how hardcore you are or what you’re doing as long as you’re outside enjoying the mountains, having a good time, that’s all that really matters. So, that’s new to ski: Super 7 from Rosi. This is Dan Treadway. I’m Kevin from Thanks for joining us.