Year after year Cody Townsend makes skiing big lines buttery and easy. Maybe it’s because he grew up surfing in the summer and ski racing in the winter. Whether he is dropping 80 foot cliffs or charging steep AK spines, Cody never disappoints in his film segments. Cody stays busy! Not only does he ski, but he writes for many top ski publications, fly fishes and is the owner and founder of Arcade belts.

Here Kevin from catches up with Cody for a few words.

Transcript: Hi I’m Kevin from joined today by Cody Townsend from Salomon. Cody, thanks for being here. Yeah, no problem. It’s good to be here. Thanks. So, how long have you been skiing? I guess, what I’m 29, so 27 years. Started when I was 2. Nice. All right. And how long have you been a professional skier? About 10 years now. Got in pretty young. I ski raced up until I was about 19 and then just kept going from there and jumping off cliffs and I don’t know. Tucking the body. Yeah, exactly. Jumping off, having fun in the backcountry so… And you’ve been skiing for Salomon for quite a while, haven’t you? Yeah, actually I ski raced on Salomon back in the day too so I’ve been with them for about 13 years now and mainly because they make really good products. If I, you know, I’ve tested out just about everything out there and if they didn’t make good products I don’t think I could last with them for 13 years. For sure. So, you’ve got the Quest 115. New ski from Salomon for next year and you were kind of involved in the design and in the aspects of that ski, weren’t you? Yeah, so, I mean, we took the 5 dimension technology of like the 5 dimension shape that we had in the rocker 2, we wanted that but with more but and more versatility so we kind of took this and used some of the shape influence of the rocker 2 but at a flatter tail, lighter rocker, a little bit stiffer tail, a little narrower into the waist. Just a little bit more versatile essentially like you can use it on hardpack and cut up. It’s got power to drive you through things but still able to float in the pow and have a ton of fun. It’s a really versatile ski. Nice. And you mentioned the flatter tail, that’s kind of like a big trend in skis right now. We’re going away from this big huge rockered tail, that little bit lowered-profile squared off tail. What’s the benefit to the consumer of that type of shape? I think it’s because if you have a fully rockered tail, if you go in the backseat for any reason, you continue to go in the backseat. You just like fold over like you’re skiing on a saucer so I think it takes some of the best skiers in the world to make it that kind of skiing fun and good. You really have to be centered and on it. It takes a lot of energy so with a flatter tail, you can get something, you know, you lean back, you have something to push back off of. You have, you hit a bump you have something to drive you through it. It’s just more versatile and more friendly so having like a hybrid rocker, is what we call it, allows you to release the tail when you want in a powder butt have something to stand on when you really want to give it some power. Nice. And this ski is paired up with a Guardian binding. New binding designed from Salomon this past season. It sold really, really well, I mean, what can you say about the Guardian? It’s the best touring binding there is. We spent nearly from concept to finish product five years working on this, with this binding. so, it’s gone through so many stages of development, so many stages of testing. It is, I don’t think you can get a more refined hike and ride binding. It skis like an alpine binding but you can hike with it and nothing else is like that. Every…no other binding out has the power and performance just on a normal day and then able to tour. And what separates this from a lot of the other, you know, popular set ups out there? The biggest thing i see is torsional stiffness. Some of the other set ups out there don’t have the torsional stiffness. This is just skis like a normal binding. It’s got a, it’s just, it feels like an alpine binding. And then the other thing is the ease-of-use. Just the release system is super easy. It doesn’t ice up on you. It doesn’t jam. You don’t have to take your boot out. You don’t have to take your boot out. It’s just a lot more friendly of a system. So, you know, you don’t have to take it out and jam around and stuff so just the whole 9 yards of just being, you know, even the smallest details like putting a metal rivet in here and putting that in there so you don’t get ovaling. Other guys don’t do that. We have that in there so we know the binding’s going to last for a long time. And, if you have any tips or suggestions for, you know, the average guy that’s really looking to get into the big mountain skiing and take his skiing into the next level, what are some tips you can offer them? You know my thing is find the, find some better skiers at the mountain and go ski with them. Just tag along. That’s the what I did at Squaw Valley. You know, luckily I had Shane McConkey to do that with for me but you just go and just in with friends and go into people that are better than you, helps you so much and they teach you about, you know, big mountain. Teach you about everything. So, there’s no other way to do it than just going rippin’ with your buddies. All right. That’s it from Cody Townsend here at SIA 2013. I’m Kevin. This is Cody. Thanks for joining us. No problem.