Paul Bergeron aka B-Paul was 3 when he started skiing at Le Relais just outside Quebec City. From 7-12 years old B-Paul was racing, but it wasn’t until he hit the park at age 12 that he came into his own. Since then he has been traveling and competing in Dew Tours, King of Style and other premier events. He is often seen with the Inspired crew demoing parks across the country.

Here Hans catches up with B-Paul to see what he has been up to.

Transcript: Hi, this is Hans from I’m in one of our retail locations at Don Thomas Sporthaus. Standing here with B-Paul. How are you doing, B-Paul? Good. Yourself? Been good. Nice. So, actually real name is Paul Bergeron, it develops to B-Paul. How did the B-Paul come in? B from Bergeron. Just switched it up from Bergeron to yeah B-Paul. Easier that way. So, you guys are in Michigan. What’s the reason you guys are in Michigan? We’re doing the Inspired Demo Tour which is 50 stops in 66 days so we’re going to all the smaller resorts that don’t get much love from the pro riders and all that so we just go there and have fun with the kids. So, how long have you been riding? Since I’m 2 years old. And you started out, when did you get the idea about freestyle, about rails? We’re you a racer first or…? Yeah, I was a racer first and then I won a pair of twin tips at the last race of the year as a present prize, I guess, and I started using them the next year and I never got back to racing again so… You decided that was it and do something more fun? Not as much discipline. Yeah, exactly. Just going free on the hill and having fun. So, obviously you notice I have an accent and I’m originally from Switzerland and you have one too and you’re from? Quebec City in Canada. Tu parlez Frances? Yes. Obviously trying to, you know, show my language skills off. So, from where are you guys going from here? I’m not sure. I just get in the car in the morning and let Kay Fee, the tour manager, drive us but I think we’re going to Bittersweet. That’s our next stop but after that I have no clue. Yeah, I know you guys are going to Northern Michigan too. You got a few months left, right? February’s pretty full for your guys too? Yep, we got a few more stops to go too. 20-something of that point. 23, I think. So what is your favorite resort? I don’t have 1 favorite. Every resort is really fun to go to as long as they’re kids to have fun with and ski. We’re just here to have fun, you know, not to progress ourselves only and stuff like that. So, we’re just, as long as they’re kids that are stoked, we’re stoked. There we go. And where is your home mountain? Les Relais, Quebec City. It’s a pretty decent small hill, I should say, and the park is pretty small too and icy so coming from there we know exactly what these kids are skiing in and it’s pretty fun to see this. Cool. Sounds good. Thanks for coming to Michigan. We really appreciate to have you here and good luck with the rest of the tour and the rest of the season. Thanks, man. Thank you.