What’s new for the Giro Nine MIPS Helmet this season?

Designed with a low profile and streamlined silhouette, the Giro Nine MIPS is a stylish approach to safety out on the slopes.

The Nine’s lightweight construction and plethora of features like the In Form Fit System and Thermostat Control Venting, make it one of the most enduring and popular performance on-snow helmets on the market today.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the construction and technology behind the Giro Nine MIPS:


Giro’s In-Mold Construction takes a durable, polycarbonate outer shell and fuses it together with the Nine’s impact-absorbing foam liner. This process allows Giro to provide better ventilation making in-mold helmets more lightweight and cooler than traditional on-snow helmets.

Like I mentioned before, the Giro Nine Helmet is designed with MIPS – the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System that has revolutionized the way that helmets protect.

Each MIPS helmet is constructed with three main components: the interior foam liner, the low friction liner and the elastomeric attachment system that is located between the two.

This means, if you were to fall and take impact to your head on an angle, the elastomeric attachment system will stretch, allowing the integrated foam liner to rotate around your head independently. Thus reducing rotational forces, keeping you safer than ever.

Fit System:

Fit is key when it comes to purchasing a helmet. If your helmet doesn’t fit correctly, or comfortably, it isn’t going to provide the protection necessary upon impact.

Giro’s In Form Fit System is designed to offer a low-profile fit and stability system so you can dial-in the fit of your Giro Nine MIPS helmet in a matter of seconds.

The ergo-friendly dial is placed at the base of your helmet and allows up to 6cm of adjustment. The separate vertical tuning feature is designed to provide forward and aft tilt adjustment allowing you a better peripheral view and better optimizing the fit of your helmet with goggles.



The Giro Nine MIPS helmet has plenty of ventilation technology to keep you regulated and comfortable out on the mountain. Thermostat Control, Super Cool Vents and Stack Vent technology all work together to create a better experience on the slopes.

Thermostat Control Technology allows you to regulate your temperature with the click of a button. This low-profile system allows you to customize the airflow coming into your helmet instantly by simply clicking the control button on the side of your helmet for a fast easy adjustment.

Giro’s Super Cool Vents are ideal for keeping you fresh from sunup to sundown. These little vents located on the back of your helmet pull cool, fresh air into your helmet while pushing heat and stale air out. By making the ventilation more efficient and optimizing vent shapes, the Super Cool Vents can regulate your core temperature, for a more enjoyable day on the mountain.


You and your goggles will love Stack Vent Technology. Stack Vent was designed to keep your goggles clear and fog free by aligning the vents in the helmet with the center of your goggles. Giro’s research showed that the majority of warm air that causes fogging comes from the center top vent of your goggle.

There you have it – The Giro Nine MIPS Helmet. If you’re looking for timeless style, and enough tech for comfortable, customizable protection out on the slopes, this is the helmet for you. And did we mention, they also make a kids version.

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