We are going to give you a few excuses to hit the slopes this year and bring your special someone along for some fun. Choose one tactic or combine a few to get the results you are looking for.

1. It’s the time for giving

Sure, Christmas and such are over. But that doesn’t mean the gift giving needs to stop! Besides, maybe you still have some ground to cover if those socks weren’t really what he or she wanted this year for the holidays. Grab something simple like a weekend pass to a resort nearby or a few days of lessons to get acquainted. If you really want to commit, just grab them a pair of skis and let them know there is no turning back. The other great thing is that everyone loves gifts, so you’re a winner either way. Once they fall in love with the sport make sure to take all of the credit for bonus points.

Special someone

2. It’s snowing and it’s cozy

It’s that time of year for most of us, flakes are falling outside your windows and drivers everywhere are struggling. It makes a fire that much warmer and a blanket your best friend. We all know a place that brings those things together very nicely, a ski lodge. It’s time to set off on a cozy vacation into the mountains where the accommodations just happen to be at a ski resort. You can show them pictures of snow-capped roofs, steaming hot tubs, and the perfect four-log fireplace. Once you arrive let the magic of the atmosphere do the rest. When you wake up to snow, your special someone will be suggesting that you all spend the day skiing, at which point you know things are going in the right direction.

Special someone 2

3. A reason to get away from the family for a day

Holidays are a time to spend with the family. But now that they’re over, you need some away time. It’s ok, we all do. No matter if it’s your family or theirs, everyone could probably use just ‘us’ time. Even if skiing isn’t number one on their list, happiness will come from a day on the slopes and at the same time, give you some much needed family relief.

Special someone 3

4. New Years Resolution trying something new.

Every year a personal goal is set for the next 365 days. And there might be some goals already set in your life. But, as a couple, wouldn’t it be great to set a goal together? How about trying something new and the other one gets to pick. Now, you might be setting yourself up here for something less than appealing, but at least you get to put them on skis. Who knows, maybe this will be a win-win for you, as you are open to everything, right? Just think, you can toast over some champagne powder.Special someone 4

5. You’re Stuffed

Do you have an active someone who hasn’t taken the leap into snow sports yet? It’s too cold outside for a comfortable run and the carbs of Christmas and otherwise aren’t going to work themselves off. You lead the conversation saying it has been to many days without exercise and if you look at another piece of pie you will be traumatized. Then, a subtle suggestion for skiing pops up and off you go.Special someone 5

Now you’ve got a new ski buddy! You’re welcome and happy holidays!