It’s that time again, time to scramble to find your mom the perfect mother’s day gift to say thank you. Thank you because every single one of us owes our mother a great debt, she brought us into this world (even though she may have threatened to take us back out every once in a while). But while you search, it’s also important to remember that the sport that we all love so much would not have been possible without our mom’s love, support, and sacrifice.

So in keeping in mind that we are all skiers thanks to our moms, even if she didn’t’ teach you how to ski, let’s take some time to honor some of the most impressive women in the industry and stand in awe of how they do it all.

Ingrid Backstrom – Professional Skier

Ski Moms
Ingrid and Betty Backstrom

This should be a familiar name if you’re in the habit of watching professional ski movies. Ingrid Backstrom is the face of women’s backcountry skiing, or really just backcountry skiing in general. In 2004, she made a big splash in her premiere and first performance in Matchstick Productions Yearbook, a ski film that still holds a special place in my heart to this day. Her huge lines and fearless attitude made her a staple in ski movies and skiing news as she continues to push boundary after boundary, making her one of the most decorated freeskiers of all time.

But beyond all this, she is also a mom. Last year, Backstrom brought her very first child into the world, a beautiful baby girl named Betty. This badass mother (literally) didn’t even stop skiing until 10 days before Betty was born. She welcomes the new challenges and opportunities that come with having a child, and has no plans to stop skiing, and was back on her skis 3 weeks after Betty’s birth. She now splits her time and focus from just skiing to motherhood as well, a prime example for ski moms everywhere.

Kirsten Lummis – Brave Ski Mom

Ski Moms
Kirsten Lummis and Sons

If you’re a mom reading this and you haven’t heard of the Brave Ski Mom, we highly recommend checking out her site. This, well, brave ski mom has dedicated her life and time to blog that covers everything you need to know about skiing and being a ski mom. Living in western Colorado and raising two skiing boys gives her a world of experience to share, and makes for a different look and take on the skiing world than is often offered.

Her two boys started on skis the moment they could walk, and like any good ski mom, she was there every step of the way to help them learn and grow as kids and as skiers. Her take on moms is that they are all brave, they push their kids off onto skis with the hopes that one day this will be a family activity to create cherished memories. So Lummis dedicates her life to all the brave ski moms out there to offer advice, suggestions, information, and inspiration through her blog.

Wendy Clinch – The Ski Diva

Ski Moms
Jon and Wendy Clinch

Here’s another website that all women (moms or not) need to check out and bookmark, The Ski Diva. Wendy Clinch is the genius behind this site that offers all things skiing including a ski focused blog, weather conditions, a forum, and a section for women’s ski resources. This is the leading site for skier and snowboarder women across the globe.

But beyond her skiing accomplishments, Clinch also has a wonderful daughter. Her daughter does not ski, but Clinch knows the feelings of being a ski mom anyways and it does not deter her from curating some of the top ski content for women. Clinch currently lives in Vermont, giving her plenty of time on the mountain to be up to date with the latest trends and experiences to share with her readers and avid followers.

Eileen Shiffrin – Mom of Mikaela Shiffrin

Ski Moms
Eileen and Mikaela Shiffrin

With the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics being only recently behind us, the gold medals won and sportsmanship shown are still lingering in the air with an aura of awe. And in the wake of all these amazing feats, it’s easy to miss one of the most important parts of every gold medal won, the moms that have fearlessly stood behind their kids to support and encourage them along on this journey. One of these amazing moms is Eileen Shiffrin, mother to Mikaela Shiffrin, gold medalist and world champion of slalom skiing.

Mikaela and Eileen both had the opportunity to grow up in skiing families and experiencing the support and fun of having skier racers all around. Eileen believes that coaches tend to be harder on boys than girls, but with the extra support that only a mom can give, Mikaela soon surpassed the boys and went on to break records all around. And for all the wonderful things that Eileen did to help her along, we want to give a huge shout out to this Olympic ski mom.

Kikkan Randall – Cross Country Olympic Gold Medalist

Ski Moms
Kikkan Randall and Baby

Speaking of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, this year the stand out crowd pleaser for the U.S. team was hands down the women’s cross country team. They brought home the very first gold medal for women’s cross country team sprint the U.S. has ever seen. These scrappy and strong women were impressive to say the least, and among them, Kikkan Randall is no exception.

She is not only a world champion and gold medalist for cross country skiing, she is also an amazing mother and the only mother that competed in the 2018 winter Olympics. That’s just amazing topped with more amazing if you ask me. And it only gets more impressive from there, as Randall was one of the major advocates in PyeongChang for better conditions for mothers in elite athletic events. That makes her one killer ski mom in our book.

These are just a few of the amazing ski moms out there. If you are one of these ski moms we’re speaking of, we salute you and hope you get a nice breakfast in bed and foot massage on your special day.

If you know a ski mom, or are lucky to have one for your very own mother, take some time to let her know just how amazing she is!