I have to say, pond skim season is by far my favorite season. It’s time to put your backcountry gear away and strap on your favorite banana suit because the party is starting and the beer is already warm-ish. Check out some of our favorite clips from the 2016 Pond skim competitions happening all over the country.

Starting out we have Canyons 20th Annual Pond Ski Comp. The costumes are great, the sun is out and the water is… well, oddly frothy. Not really sure what that’s all about. Mad props to left shark for taking the time out of his busy schedule to make an appearance at this historic event.

This little ditty from Smugglers Notch has pulled out all the stops. From those actual motorized 3-wheelers (where do you even get one of those anymore?!) to the highly standard rainbow too-too they’ve put on quite the show. Biggest shoutout: Speed. They might as well be landing a seaplane at the speeds they’re moving.

Shoutout to this guy for showing everyone how this is supposed to be done.

….Annnnd to finish it off, a short clip from JerryoftheDay. Sorry, Jerry.