On May 4th, 2016, POV skier Leo Taillefer dropped his latest edit on the world. Shot entirely at night with the use of a GoPro and a headlamp, it leaves us wondering, will he be the next Candide Thovex?

For years Candide Thovex has been stunning us with his incredible and unique POV ski edits. He drops some of the most unbelievable lines over varying terrain all while wearing a mounted GoPro to give the viewer first-hand experience. He peppers a mix of real time and slow motion filming, combined with James Bond style stunts to bring the entire ski industry to a stop for 3-4 dizzying minutes before disappearing back into the mountains. Until now, the French skier has been the sole skier, and king of his class.

Enter Leo Taillefer, yet another French skier pushing the limits of POV edits. Equipped with a similarly mounted GoPro, Leo made a name for himself in the GoPro Line of the Winter competitions. Over the past few years, he’s dropped high speed, technical and amazing clips that maintain a home-made-raw quality that captivates users. In 2015, Leo even won $20,000 from GoPro by beating out over 800 other entries.

As impressive as his line was last year, he’s gone and outdone himself again. This year’s clip was filled entirely at night with the use of a high powered headlamp and some wonderful places. This line features high-speed maneuvers through technical caverns, his cliche “Cacaw” and of course, a humble wipe-out.

Best of luck this year, Leo! We’re all rooting for you.