SheJumps is about more than just skiing.

SheJumps Outdoor Education

In our first blog about SheJumps we focused on their efforts to increase the number of women participating in outdoor sports – specifically the ski industry. But if you know anything about their programs, you know that they don’t just focus on winter sports but all aspects of outdoor education, adventure and community.

Co-Founder of SheJumps, Lyndsey Dyer designed the Girafficorn – the SheJumps mascot. This mythical creature is “half giraffe, half unicorn and all magic”. The Girafficorn represents holding yourself high, and is there to remind girls to follow their dreams – as far as they can take them.

Here are some of the programs that SheJumps offers to help enlighten and inspire youth in the outdoors and beyond:

Wild Skills Youth Initiative

Girls Participating in Wild Skills

The Wild Skills Youth Initiative was created with one goal in mind: “to see girls learning, having fun and connecting in an encouraging environment.”

Wild Skills youth events are designed for girls across the country, ranging in age from 6-18 to teach both the survival and technical skills necessary for outdoor adventuring. The lessons taught at SheJumps events are easily applied in any season or region and include everything from first aid to navigation, leave no trace, 10 essentials and shelter building.

Wild Skills is an opportunity to go on an adventure that they carry with them for a lifetime. Sparking a passion for the outdoors and always reminding them that they really are capable of anything they set their minds to.

Mt. Rainier

Climbing to the Summit of Rainier

Climber or not, heading to the summit of Mt. Rainier is an adventure almost anyone would love to cross off their bucket list.

When you decide to go on the SheJumps Mt. Rainier Climb you’ll receive fundraising support, gear lists, physical training schedule, conditioning recommendations and a slew of women cheering each other on.

SheJumps on the Summit

The SheJumps Mt. Rainier Climb is a technical, physical and emotional challenge and the female guides and staff that lead the climb are there to offer support and expertise while you prepare yourself for the summit.

A portion of the funds raised from the Mt. Rainier Climb will go to help the Wild Skills program. The end goal for SheJumps is to “grow the program into a long term mentorship model that provides young girls the community that connects them to other women and the natural environment.”

This year’s Mt. Rainier Climb will take place from July 19th- July 22nd of 2018.

Community Initiative

SheJumps Community Gathering

The purpose of the Community Initiative is to connect both seasoned jumpers and newcomers to meet and learn from each other.

Activities at Community Initiatives include fun workouts, picnics, networking and workshops. The Community Initiatives are designed to make sure Jumpers are touching base on a regular basis with supporters, and growing a community of outdoor women.

The SheJumps mission is to grow the number of women and girls participating in outdoor activities. They offer a variety of Outdoor Education programs, “Get the Girls Out” events, Youth Initiatives and grassroots gatherings.

The SheJumps family consists of women and girls of all ages and backgrounds to help one another, reach their goals and appreciate the outdoors through education and adventure.