Need some easy gifts to supplement your holiday season? Headed to a skiers-only white elephant party? Here’s a quick list of easy gifts for your favorite winter loving friends.

Waxing Supplies246839_1

Wax makes a perfect gag gift for any time of the year. It’s one of those go-to supplies that you can’t get enough of. It doesn’t go bad, it travels easily and everyone uses it. Not sure what to get? Try a full kit including, wax, files, brushes and an iron. Need something to supplement? Any of those individual items go a long way, or try a complete wax kit with varying temperatures and uses.

Boot Heaters359095_1

Here’s one for the skier in your life, and they’re going to LOVE it. Ski boots are notorious for being uncomfortable and cold, fortunately, you can solve at least part of that with a good pair of boot heaters. They’re simple to install and you can use them in almost any pair of boots you own or replace. They’ll improve any ski season tenfold.

Helmet Speakers / Headphones453477_1

The technology evolving in Bluetooth sound is incredible. At this point in the industry, almost any helmet is speaker compatible upgrading is easy. Plus, no more wires! Bluetooth speakers connect directly to your phone, and some even have one button control systems so your phone never leaves your pocket. This is the perfect gift for skiers of all ages.

Ski Socks446815_1

Skiers might be the only people on the planet that actually look forward to receiving socks during the holidays. Ask anyone, there’s nothing better than a good pair of ski socks when you’re on the hill. Having a constant supply of cushy warm socks just makes a season that much better.

Make a Gift Basket

Twelve bottles of beer in a bucket of ice

Personally, I’m a fan of the skier’s gift basket. It’s a fun and creative combination of those essential items that skiers need. This can include hand and foot warmers, ski straps, ski locks, wax bars, beer, goggle cleaners, glove leashes, beer, ski socks, lift tickets, cliff bars, and of course, beer. Want to get really fancy? Use a boot bag to pack all the swag in!