The dream is always the same; it starts snowing and doesn’t stop. And then all of a sudden it stops and its summer, launching all skiers into severe seasonal depression. And although the summer is coming to a close, there is still a ways to go before ski season begins.

For some this transition is too much to handle. My diehard friends have hightailed off to chase eternal winter in New Zealand, Chile, and other exotic snow covered landscapes. And my less stable friends have taken to the streets on roller skis. The roller ski is the love child of cross-country skiing and rollerblading and every part as ridiculous looking as it sounds. However I am informed that it is “a sport” and an extremely solid full body workout. But in spite of my irrational fear of missing snow, I am not in the market for roller skis and am in search for summer distraction. Although in full disclosure I have to admit in a town like Bend Oregon I’m still able to tour in the mornings and cruise the deserted streets of Mt.Bachelor into late June.

Fight Summer Depression 2

So in search of answers for summer activities I asked my most snow bum friends (yes, the ones that live in vans and eat roman noodles) how they are staying sane sans snow, and here are their answers. Hopefully it dulls the pain.

  • “Stay active, stay fit, and stay outside”
  • “Look up gear obsessively online”
  • “Post incessantly online pretending to be fine with summer”
  • “Mountain biking and drinking helps…a little”
  • “Find a hot girlfriend”
  • “Find an adrenaline rush sport where you can get ‘in the zone’ “
  • “Summer high lining tunes my balance for winter”
  • “Get on the tramp and nail your moves. Foam pits will save your life”
  • “Cry while watching ski movies”
  • “Get in the yoga groove, build your flexibility. It translates into your skiing”
  • “Try something new, I just signed up for my first triathlon”
  • “Make goals. Dream big”
  • “After ski season I’m beat up. I take to the pool for some low impact workouts”
  • “Scope fresh lines for next season”
  • “Stay in the mountains! Hike them, breathe them, explore them”
  • Summer lakes are perfect for building body awareness without high injury risk. Still dreaming about that backflip on skis? Try it at the lake first “

Thankfully summer means most ski towns morph into summer sports meccas. Yes, the skiing is over, but now the hiking, mountain biking, and wake surfing has begun. Get on the bandwagon; you will be glad you did! Stay active, stay engaged, and stay present. And as all true snow bums know summers are just the pause before the first big storm. Happy summer!